Well, hello there!

Okay, just in case you’ve forgotten (or if you missed out on the voting), the survey asked what title style you preferred: puns or alliteration.

And here’s the (kind-of-hard-to-read) results….

As those of you with Superman vision can see, Dragon Puns, with over 72% of the votes, is the clear winner!!!

“The New Book” Now Has a Title

Since I had a few people tell me how much they loved it, I selected Hoard It All Before for the title of book one of the series. And for once, I didn’t even have to put up a survey for that decision.

Of course, now that one problem is solved, I’m left debating if the series title is too long, especially after I tried to cram it onto a mock-up book cover. The Circus of Unusual Creatures Mysteries? Yeah, didn’t fit well.

So I’m toying with a few other series titles, possibly The Unusual Circus Mysteries, The Unusual Creatures Mysteries, or the Dragon Dilemma Mysteries (I just can’t get away from the alliteration).

Anyway, thanks again so much for your input. It really REALLY helped.

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