Before the Story Begins

How do I explain the world of Osteria? It’s got a bit of a history, but this tour isn’t meant to overwhelm you, so let’s sum it up with a few bullet points…

  • It’s found in the far future.
  • It’s located in the Pacific Northwest (specifically: British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon).
  • A human-caused event (The Disaster) destroyed the world as we know it, wiped out almost all humans, and caused some strange mutations in some animals and people (hello, centaurs and satyrs).
  • After The Disaster, people lived in very small family units and, because of previous reliance on technology, had lost all knowledge of how to do anything but survive. They couldn’t even make fire.
  • Prometheus took pity on the humans and gave them the ability to make fire. This sparked (sorry for the pun) human curiosity and a desire to do more than simply survive.
  • A new society was born and, because of the circular nature of things, the people began to believe in the old gods….the Greek gods. They also adopted the culture of Ancient Rome.

So where in the world did this world come from?

I love history. Love it love it love it. Yes, send out the Nerd Alert, but Ancient Rome is one of my top five periods in history.

Plus, one childhood summer I watched the original Clash of the Titans movie EVERY single day. Ever since that summer, I couldn’t get enough of Greek mythology.

Although I never planned for it to exist, Osteria was born when I found myself in a tight spot during the first draft of The Trials of Hercules (the first book I set in Osteria).

It may have grown out of an accident, but the construction of Osteria turned out to be the perfect fit for my love of history & mythology!

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Where it all began!

The Influences of Roman History & Culture

The story behind serialized novel Domna was inspired by the life of Julia Domna, wife of the Roman emperor Septimius Severus, and I pulled out all the stops to bring Roman culture to life in this series. From wedding traditions, to slaves, to gladiators, Domna is chock full of the history and culture of the Roman world.

In The Osteria Chronicles, I took things in a more mythological direction and played around a bit more with several fantasy elements, but I still squeezed in plenty of Roman tidbits that you’ll see in the fashions, the military, and the architecture…even this kind of architecture…

But Wait, There’s More!

Although I could go on and on, I don’t want to delay your tour with all the details I find fascinating.

Instead, I’ll let you pick and choose which aspects of Osterian life you’d like to learn more about from this list of my articles about the Roman culture that influenced my world.

Whenever you’re ready, just scroll down to visit to another stop on the tour.

Ready to Continue Exploring Osteria?

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The Books of Osteria

Domna: A Novel of Osteria

The Osteria Chronicles

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