Applause All Around to Team Tammie

As long as you’re not going to drop anything fragile or otherwise cause damage/harm to yourself or others, could you please take a second and give a round of applause to my Review Team (aka “Team Tammie”).

They’ve endured twice as many emails from me over the past five months, they’ve had a gruelling reading and reviewing schedule, and they’ve put up with me getting a tad bit stern with them, but yet with each release most of them have managed to stay amazingly supportive of this project. 

Every book release is exciting but also stressful. It’s a thrill to get the book out there, but also frightening to throw what is essentially your imagination, your brain’s pure effort, your months of work out into the world. Will people hate it? Will they “get” it? I can’t say every review of Domna has been positive (one was pretty brutal, in fact), but I’m astounded by how well the book has been received by Team Tammie.

So THANK YOU Team Tammie for all your tenacity, for your patience with a few flubs, and for your amazingly kind words. You guys are the BEST!!!

A Special Offer

I’m obviously very happy with my review team, but as they say, the more the merrier….within limits, of course. With that maxim in mind, I’m making a rare offer.

Normally, this offer only goes out after you meet some special I-can’t-tell-you-or-I’d-have-to-kill-you requirements, but I’m in an inviting mood today. So, if you’re reading this and you would like a spot on Team Tammie, check out the details below then head back to the newsletter and reply with your answers.

Team Tammie Special Invite

Team Tammie is part of my launch strategy and your help will really give my books and series a boost I couldn’t manage on my own. No guilt or anything, right?!

What you get out of this….

  • Bragging rights? Sure, why not!
  • An advanced electronic copy of my upcoming releases (typically 4 weeks before launch day)
  • A chance to be a part of helping me succeed in this competitive career I’ve chosen

What I need from you (aka, “The Job Requirements”)…

  • It’s best if you’re reader of the genre (or similar genres) I write in: fantasy, historical fantasy, historical fiction, urban fantasy, etc. I will also consider fans of sci-fi. paranormal, thrillers, and horror.
  • You have to be willing to commit to reading the advanced reader copy (ARC) within a week or two of receiving it.
  • The most important requirement: You must post an honest review of the book on whichever ebook retailers or book sites you choose. Amazon is most crucial, but not mandatory.
  • And finally, it’s not a requirement, but if you’re going to review on Amazon, please consider buying the ebook for the Team Tammie price of 99 cents (US) (I will email you to let you when this price is available). This request isn’t because I’m trying to make money off of you (seriously, I only see a tiny tiny portion of those 99 cents); it’s because Amazon is highly likely to delete reviews from people who haven’t purchased the book through the Amazon site.

Phew, I know, there are lawyers who have fewer job requirements, but Team Tammie will be an important part of getting others to notice my books so I want to make sure you know what it takes to rocket me to super stardom (or at least mediocre success).

Think you’re ready and qualified to be part of Team Tammie? I try and keep the team relatively compact, but if you want to try out for the team, please head back to the newsletter, hit Reply, and answer these three questions…

  1. What sites do you normally review on?
  2. What was the last book you reviewed?
  3. When did you last review a book?