Whether you’ve been gardening for ages or you’re setting out on your first venture into the world of plants, this guided journal provides a place to track all your garden chores, dreams, and observations.

Each month, the journal provides room to record upcoming chores, dreams you have for your outdoor oasis, and the many wonders you observe in your garden throughout the year. Although numbered by week, the pages are undated so you can start your journal any year and any month you like.

The My Garden Journal includes….

  • Space for planning your gardening goals for the coming year.
  • 20 pages with areas to plan your garden layout, sketch an interesting flower or critter, or doodle when the weather is too nasty to get outside. For those with minimal artistic skills, you can use these pages for inspiring garden images from magazines or photos of your own garden as it grows.
  • 12 months of seasonal garden tips to give you an idea of what you may need to do in your own garden. The tips are followed by space to plan out your garden’s to-do list for the month.
  • 52 weeks of pages to record what’s growing, how the weather has been, what you did that week, what you observed, and any other garden tales you want to record.
  • Room to imagine what next year’s garden might bring.

Even if the My Garden Journal doesn’t transform you into a master gardener, it will make you a more organized and more observant gardener as you track a year of chores, dreams, and observations.


The My Garden Journal is currently available at Amazon.com