The Trials of Hercules


In a world where mortals contend with the gods’ vengeful whims, one man must ask himself if he will risk his life to defend the goddess who has done everything to destroy him.

Perfect for fans of mythology and historical fantasy fiction by Madeline Miller, Mary Renault, Kendare Blake, and Alan Smale, The Trials of Hercules is a strongly recommended story of love, jealousy, honor, and betrayal.

After being convicted of three murders he doesn’t remember committing, Herc Dion is sentenced to execution by live burial. Despite a desire to die for his heinous crime, Herc is instead pushed into a series of trials that will force him to face formidable monsters, test his loyalties, and deliver him to the depths of Hades. Herc also finds himself the object of the priestess Iole’s love – a love he feels he doesn’t deserve and one that if acted on could mean her death.

Throughout these challenges, Herc unknowingly endures the brutal cruelty of the goddess Hera whose obsessive hatred of Herc has brought about the near ruin of her realm and blinded her to plans that will spell the end of her existence.

Realizing Hera has done everything to cause his downfall, will Herc face death itself to rescue her, or will he turn his back on the gods, his love, and his home to forge his own kingdom?

The Trials of Hercules is the first in the Osteria Chronicles, a gripping series in which the myths, gods, and heroes of Ancient Greece come to life as you’ve never seen them before. 

What Readers Are Saying…

  • “This book was a pleasant surprise!  I was immediately pulled in within the first few pages.”
  • “I think this book should be rated as one of the top ten books of the year. I can’t emphasize enough how good this book was and how much I enjoyed reading it.
  • “For anyone who enjoys fantasy or history this is a book for you! An outstanding book! Very well written, engaging and truly a fun and enjoyable book to read.”
  • “This book has many human ideals like heroism, corruption, love, and vindictiveness. I recommend everyone to read this.”
  • “…this book kept me turning pages the whole way through like any guilty pleasure.”


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