13th hour, short story, tammie painter

From light tales of legends and love, to dark stories of ancient beasts and a desperate chef, 13th Hour will delight you, mystify you, and make you cringe.

13th Hour’s seventeen tales tick through questions such as….

  • Can you dream forever?
  • What is it really like to work for the gods?
  • What would you do for love?
  • Or for revenge?
  • Do fabled creatures still stalk the earth?
  • What lurks in paradise?
  • What is your family’s darkest secret? …and many more.

So sit down and unwind your clocks because it’s time for the 13th Hour.


  • I usually don’t read fiction but this I really liked. The stories were varied in the type of suspense/horror. To me these stories seem like a cross between Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock.
  • I’m a huge fan of supernatural short stories, and this book was perfect. My favorite story, ‘Island Ways’ creeped me out in the way I only thought Stephen King could. Loved it!
  • This is a great collection of short stories! So well written, each story totally unique, a really great read! I will be recommending this book to all of my friends!


 13th Hour is available as an e-book at a variety of online stores and subscription services including Amazon, iTunes. Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Inktera, and more by clicking the cover below.

You can also buy 13th Hour directly through me on my Payhip storefront.

13th hour, short story, tammie painter

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