The Osteria Chronicles

Myths and heroes may be reborn, but the whims of the gods never change. Perfect for fans of mythological adventures and historical fantasy fiction by Madeline Miller, S.J.A. Turney, Mary Renault, Glyn Iliffe, S.J.A. Turney, and Colleen McCollough, the Osteria Chronicles are a captivating fantasy series in which the myths, gods, and heroes of Ancient Greece come … Continue reading The Osteria Chronicles

The Trials of Hercules

BOOK ONE OF THE OSTERIA CHRONICLES A devoted father and celebrated hero. A crime that puts him at the mercy of a corrupt leader and a vengeful goddess. A classic myth brought to life as you’ve never seen it before. Perfect for fans of Clash of the Titans, as well as historical fantasy fiction by … Continue reading The Trials of Hercules

The Voyage of Heroes

BOOK TWO OF THE OSTERIA CHRONICLES In a dangerous game that pits god against god, and family against one another, trust is the deadliest weapon. Perfect for fans of mythology and historical fantasy fiction by Kendare Blake, Glyn Iliffe, Simon Scarrow, and Madeline Miller, The Voyage of Heroes is a compelling adventure of fidelity and … Continue reading The Voyage of Heroes

The Maze of Minos

BOOK THREE OF THE OSTERIA CHRONICLES With the gods as your allies, your life, your world, and your sanity have never been in more danger. Perfect for fans of mythology and historical fantasy fiction by S.J.A Turney, Glyn Iliffe, Madeline Miller, and Christian Cameron, The Maze of Minos is an exhilarating tale of deception and … Continue reading The Maze of Minos

The Bonds of Osteria

BOOK FOUR OF THE OSTERIA CHRONICLES In a fierce clash for power, titans rise, heroes fall, and the gods find themselves on the brink of destruction. Perfect for fans of Clash of the Titans as well as mythology and historical fantasy fiction by S.J.A Turney, Glyn Iliffe, Colleen McCollough, and Madeline Miller, The Bonds of Osteria … Continue reading The Bonds of Osteria

Simply Soft Cheese

CHEESE MAKING MADE QUICK AND EASY For those who have been curious about cheese making but were scared away by rumors of how difficult and labor intensive it can be, Simply Soft Cheese will cure your fears. In Simply Soft Cheese, you’ll see how easy it is to turn that jug of milk from your … Continue reading Simply Soft Cheese

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Going Native

SMALL STEPS TO A HEALTHY GARDEN Does a garden that requires less work, saves you money, and protects the environment sound good? Would you also like a garden that’s healthy and thriving year round? Then Going Native is for you. Going Native shows you how small changes in the plants you choose can create a … Continue reading Going Native


A Novel of Osteria “My destiny, my goal, my ambition was to be a priestess. Instead I was forced to became a wife. Even worse, I became the wife of man with no goals, no ambition. A man who wanted destiny to fall on his lap like a nymph who’d indulged in too much of … Continue reading Domna

13th Hour

TALES FROM LIGHT TO MIDNIGHT From light tales of legends and love, to dark stories of ancient beasts and a desperate chef, 13th Hour will delight you, mystify you, and make you cringe. 13th Hour’s seventeen tales tick through questions such as….Can you dream forever? What is it really like to work for the gods? What would … Continue reading 13th Hour

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My Garden Journal

A YEAR OF CHORES, DREAMS, AND OBSERVATIONS (Guided Journal) Whether you’ve been gardening for ages or you’re setting out on your first venture into the world of plants, this guided journal provides a place to track all your garden chores, dreams, and observations. Each month, the journal provides room to record upcoming chores, dreams you … Continue reading My Garden Journal