The Osteria Chronicles

My flagship series that brings to life the myths of Ancient Greece as you’ve never seen them before. With characters torn between love and betrayal, loyalty and ambition, and corruption and fidelity, these books will instantly pull you into an intriguing new world where the gods can’t help but behave badly.

The complete series includes…

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Domna – A Novel of Osteria!

Domna tells the tale of Sofia Domna, a woman who believed herself destined to become high priestess of Apollo but whose life takes a cruel turn when she’s forced to wed a man she barely knows. As Sofia’s life moves through the trials of marriage, motherhood, and yearning love, she learns that destiny isn’t given; it’s made by cunning, endurance, and, at times, bloodshed.

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13th Hour: Tales from Light to Midnight

13th Hour’s seventeen tales will delight you, mystify you, and make you cringe as they tick through quandaries such as….

Can you dream forever? What is it really like to work for the gods? What would you do for love? Or for revenge? Do ancient monsters still stalk the earth? What lurks in paradise? What is your family’s darkest secret? …and many more.

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