A quick overview of the words I’ve cranked out of my head so far.

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The Cassie Black Trilogy

Work at a funeral home can be mundane. Until you accidentally start bringing the dead to life.

If you like the urban fantasy and paranormal mystery of Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London series, the irreverent humor of Christopher Moore’s Bloodsucking Fiends, and have ever wondered what those garden gnomes are really up to, you won’t be able to put down this “hilarious” series.

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The Circus of Unusual Creatures

It’s not every day you meet an amateur sleuth…with fangs.

If you like fantastical mysteries that mix laughs in with murderous mayhem and mythical beasts, you’ll love The Circus of Unusual Creatures.

The Unwanted Inheritance of the Bookman Brothers

A novella celebrating the magic of books

If you believe in the magic of books and enjoy a bit of humor with your magical realism, you’ll love the exploits of the Bookman brothers.


The Great Escape: 15 Tales of Humor, Myth & Magic

Peculiar pet shops

Troublesome dream homes

And robot vacuums that just want to be free

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Day Sixteen: A Supernatural Thriller

If you’re captivated by The X-Files and The Handmaid’s Tale, if you enjoy peeling back the layers of an otherworldly mystery, or if you’ve ever doubted what you’ve been told is true, you’ll find yourself gripped by Day Sixteen, a modern day thriller with a supernatural twist.

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The Osteria Chronicles

My first published series brings to life the myths of Ancient Greece as you’ve never seen them before. With characters torn between love and betrayal, loyalty and ambition, and corruption and fidelity, these books will instantly pull you into an intriguing new world where the gods can’t help but behave badly.

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Domna – A Serialized Novel of Osteria

Sofia Domna believes herself destined to become high priestess of Apollo. This historical fantasy series jumps in when her life takes a cruel turn and she’s forced to wed a man she barely knows.

As Sofia’s life moves through the trials of marriage, motherhood, and yearning love, she learns that destiny isn’t given; it’s made by cunning, endurance, and, at times, bloodshed.

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