Want a piece of art custom made for your home or office? Need an illustration for a book or brochure? I would be thrilled to work on a commissioned piece for you.

Working Together

IMG_1829My most common way of working is from photos, so if you have a picture* that you would love seen turned into a piece of art, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Once I’ve seen your photo I will let you know if I can work from it and what changes/adjustments I would plan to make. We can then discuss the size of your finished piece and a timeline for completion.

If you simply have a rough idea of an image you want, we can work together to bring that idea to life. First, you’ll give me a general idea of what you’re after, I will then work up a few sketches for you. If my sketch/idea meets your approval, we can decide on a final size and delivery date.

Throughout the process, I will keep you updated with the status of your new piece of artwork via emails and photos.

Mediums and Materials

img_1923My preferred media are graphite, colored pencil, and acrylic paint. As you can see from my work samples, colored pencils can provide a huge amount of detail and colors that can range from brilliant to delicate. Acrylic paintings have rich and vibrant colors with a slightly glossy finish.

Work with graphite and colored pencils is typically done on high-quality, acid-free drawing paper or bristol (a heavy-weight, cardstock-type paper). Work with acrylic is done on wood panels (Claybord) or stretched canvas.

While I do enjoy playing around with watercolors, I am hesitant to use these for commissioned pieces until I gain more experience with them.

Delivering your art

Once your new piece of art is complete to your satisfaction, I will mail it to you using the U.S. Postal Service. All work will be protected with cardboard or other appropriate material to ensure it gets to you in excellent condition. Unless they are specifically requested, finished pieces do not include mats or frames. Shipping will include tracking and insurance.

Contracts and Payment

For both your interest and mine, I begin work on commissioned pieces only once a contract is signed. A detailed invoice with completion date and other details will be provided for your records. An initial payment of one-third of the agreed upon price will be required before work starts.

As is common throughout the art world, the copyright of commissioned pieces stays with the artist (me) except in certain cases where the contract specifically transfers all rights to you (such as in logo design).

Ready for your new art?

If you’re ready to get started, you can contact me via the form below or at  painterwrite @ gmail . com

If you want to look over some samples of my work, please explore the following pages…

*A note on images: To avoid stepping on anyone’s copyright toes, the images that you provide must either have been taken by you, must be in the public domain, or must be free for you to use because the photographer has granted you permission to use it.