I’m Still Angry…And I Plan to Stay That Way

So, it turns out that the results from Tuesday's election weren't just some super-vivid and super-scary nightmare. Damn it. I was really hoping my overactive imagination had gotten the better of me and that I would wake up to a sane world. So much for hope. I know today's should be given over to the … Continue reading I’m Still Angry…And I Plan to Stay That Way

Embarrassed and Ashamed

I have so much of my own (good) news to tell you that yesterday at this time I was dithering over what to share with you first. But after the nightmare of an election last night, today is too gloomy a day to do anything but apologize for what the U.S. has done. I truly, … Continue reading Embarrassed and Ashamed

Vous Me Comprenez!!!

With a three-week long trip to France looming in my near future, I've been cramming my head full of French grammar, French vocabulary, French idioms, and French verb conjugations (eagle-eyed readers may have noticed a few French language novels and study guides amongst my thirty-five pounds of library book sale treasures). I love learning languages. … Continue reading Vous Me Comprenez!!!

Finn McSpool Tackles Thirty-Five Pounds of Books

Over this past weekend was an event that never fails to send my bibliophile heart into palpitations of excitement: The Annual Book Sale at my local library! And unlike in years past, I had a book-loving Beastie to share in the fun. The result of three wonderful days of stocking up on oodles of bargain priced … Continue reading Finn McSpool Tackles Thirty-Five Pounds of Books

Giving Rather Than Consuming

After spending the past week persuading you to shop your hearts out at my Bookstore & Gallery, I now need to cleanse my capitalist soul by reminding you that there are other ways to celebrate the holidays that don't involve adding to your loved ones' collection of "stuff." Sure, there are useful gifts that we need and … Continue reading Giving Rather Than Consuming