Finn McSpool Tackles Thirty-Five Pounds of Books

Over this past weekend was an event that never fails to send my bibliophile heart into palpitations of excitement: The Annual Book Sale at my local library! And unlike in years past, I had a book-loving Beastie to share in the fun. The result of three wonderful days of stocking up on oodles of bargain priced … Continue reading Finn McSpool Tackles Thirty-Five Pounds of Books

A Little Beekeeping Rant

This week, I just couldn't take it anymore. I left yet another Facebook beekeeping group because I could no longer take people's complete idiocy (my Idiocracy tolerance is quite low). I tried to tolerate it mainly because i enjoy seeing pictures of people's hives and bees, but the stupidity just got too high....especially the questions … Continue reading A Little Beekeeping Rant