Calling All Writers of Fantasy Fiction!

Okay, maybe not ALL fantasy fiction authors, but we'll get to the details of that after a couple of quick bits of housekeeping. Then, I'll let you in on the great scheme I've got underway that will help you boost your mailing list numbers. First off, yes, I'm taking a tiny break from my weekly … Continue reading Calling All Writers of Fantasy Fiction!

Finn Says Hello…and Goodbye

Here's the deal. I had plans to finish out the last few days of my Irish Adventure with Finn McSpool (I love that autocorrect now recognizes "McSpool"!) over the next couple weeks and then continue on with my regular Saturday Finn-filled posts. But plans are changing. Don't worry, I've already got some pics loaded so … Continue reading Finn Says Hello…and Goodbye

I’m Taking Over the (Book) World

Sorry, let me tame my evil laughter long enough to type out this post. Deep breath.... Okay, that's better. Alright, so loyal readers will know that earlier this year I tried a little experiment by going exclusive with Amazon's KDP Select program. This meant I could ONLY offer my books on Amazon - I couldn't … Continue reading I’m Taking Over the (Book) World

Time for Another Reveal

Yes, after many surveys, design changes, more surveys, cursing at the computer, and more surveys, the book cover for Domna is finally ready. Now, I'm going to have to admit to a tad bit of election fraud here (hey, it's America, it's what we do). In the blog and newsletter surveys I've posted to assist me in … Continue reading Time for Another Reveal

The Wondrous Website Weveal

Oops, I may have gone too far with my alliteration. But yes, after much frustration, it's time for the reveal of my snazzy website remodel. Now let's be frank here, I know my way around a computer, but trying to get a website to do what I imagine in my head is a far different … Continue reading The Wondrous Website Weveal