Opinions Please! Book Cover Survey

It's not often in this politically-charged world that I dare ask anyone's opinion, but it's come that time in the book production process when I'm seeking input, opinions, thoughts, and comments. Of course, I'm trusting that you guys are all kind enough not to turn this into a sound bite-riddled shouting match unlike most "debates" … Continue reading Opinions Please! Book Cover Survey

So Much Happy (and Relief)

Yes, Bloglandia, it's a rare Sunday post for me. I had planned to write this yesterday but by the end of the day I couldn't bear to be in front of the computer another second (more on that in a bit). Besides, I was too busy doing the happy dance, because (drum roll, please)... I … Continue reading So Much Happy (and Relief)

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A Little Taste of My Latest Writing Project

Hello Bloglandia! It seems like it's been ages since I've done a writing update...that's because I've been too busy writing. Is that a conundrum or a paradox? Either way, it's time to catch you up. The Osteria Chronicles Books 5 & 6 - Getting Closer to Completion!! Way back toward the middle of August, I … Continue reading A Little Taste of My Latest Writing Project

It’s What All the Osterians Are Wearing These Days

As you’ve seen in previous blogs, my world of Osteria was heavily influenced by my crazy obsession with Ancient Rome (and Greece, to a lesser extent). And while I may not be a fashion maven myself, I have taken a few style tips from those historical Roman men and women and applied them to my … Continue reading It’s What All the Osterians Are Wearing These Days