There’s No Better Time to Become a Book Nerd

Bars are closed. Theaters are closed. Sports are cancelled. Now is THE time to become a Book Nerd!  To become a true book nerd, your primary source of reading material should be your local library. Most have ramped up their digital lending programs, allowing you extra checkouts and/or longer loan periods. But, if you are … Continue reading There’s No Better Time to Become a Book Nerd

Cure Your Monday Blues with a Free Story

Hey Bloglandia! Just a quick post to hopefully take a bit of the sting out of your Monday blues. My short story Testing the Waters is free for a very limited time (because good things never last, right?). So, if you're already wanting to escape the work week, click the cover or the links below … Continue reading Cure Your Monday Blues with a Free Story

Go Stuff It: Sewing Antics

Sometimes I get these crazy notions in my head such as beekeeping, wine making, and the like. One of these crazy projects was apparel sewing and while I've crafted some decent dresses and tops, crafting dresses and tops gets a bit boring. Plus, there's only so many dresses and tops that can fit in my … Continue reading Go Stuff It: Sewing Antics

Happy Holidays-mas-kah-za

Hello Bloglandia!! Just a quick note to wish you and yours (in no particular order).... Happy Holidays Superb Solstice Kool Kwanza Carefree Christmas Harmonious Hanukkah Gnarly New Year Wondrous Winter Spectacular Summer (to the southern hemispherians out there) And above all, a joyous, jovial, and jubilant jumble of good cheer!!! (Yes, I've been spending too … Continue reading Happy Holidays-mas-kah-za