My Writing Numbers for July

Howdy Bloglandia, It's another round of writing numbers. Since I'm deep into revising mode, my numbers aren't quite as beefy as June's, but here's the tally.... So what do the numbers represent? Blog/Newsletter: Um, pretty self-explanatory. My newsletter subscribers got treated to a new feature this month which added a couple hundred words, while we also … Continue reading My Writing Numbers for July

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It’s Book Birthday Time, Complete with Cake!!

It’s Release Day for Domna Part Two: The Solon’s Son!! First off, let me thank everyone who pre-ordered a copy of Part Two — you gave me my largest pre-order numbers ever!! And look, Finn McSpool and the other Beasties are celebrating the book's release in sugary style. Starting Part Two Off with a BANG!! Part … Continue reading It’s Book Birthday Time, Complete with Cake!!

The Successes and Failures of My Writing World in 2018

Happy 2019 Bloglandia!! I'm a day late with my New Year's wishes, but hopefully that has given everyone time to get over their hangovers. With the New Year upon us, I thought I’d go out on a limb and share with you how my 2018 went. This is the first time I’ve bared my statistical … Continue reading The Successes and Failures of My Writing World in 2018

Finn McSpool Predicts the Future

When Finn McSpool and I visited Pittock Mansion to see the Christmas displays a couple weeks ago, one of the rooms had an eerie Fortune Teller theme...made even eerier by a certain monster floating into the shot. Inspired by these mysteries of prognostication, Finn has shuffled the tarot deck, tossed the rune sticks, pulled out … Continue reading Finn McSpool Predicts the Future