Friday Freebie Meets Friday Reads

Hey Book Lovers and Bargain Hunters! It's not often I'm cool enough to create a melange of two hashtags, but it's strange times and we're all learning new skills. Okay, maybe hashtag-mashing isn't the top skill I should be working on, but... Anyway, I've got a couple free stories for you!! Well, sort of. If … Continue reading Friday Freebie Meets Friday Reads

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Book Binging and Book Bargains

Hey Book Lovers of Bloglandia! Just a quick post to perk up your Sunday and send your book loving heart fluttering with some terrific promotions. First up, you know how you start reading one book in a series and you're hooked by the end of the first installment, but then you have to hunt down … Continue reading Book Binging and Book Bargains

I’m Taking Over Book Club Mom’s Blog!!

Don't worry, there's no hostile takeover and no need to call in the SWAT Team. So what's going on? I'm being featured over on Book Club Mom's fabulous book blog!1! Well, my review is anyway. As part of Book Club Mom's "What's That Book" feature, she's just shared my review of The Curious Charms of … Continue reading I’m Taking Over Book Club Mom’s Blog!!

Short Month, Short Fiction Special

Hello Book Lovers of Bloglandia!! I put a fair number of promos on this blog (usually at the end of posts), but this promo is near and dear to my little marketing heart. Why is it so special, you ask? Because it's MY promo. Yep, I came up with the idea. I built the graphics. … Continue reading Short Month, Short Fiction Special

Fighting for the Right to Read in Missouri

So the other day I was catching up on a bit of podcast listening. After zipping through all the self-promotional material at the start of the podcast, I finally got to the meat of the Sell More Books Show during which they present a few tips and then five news items related to writing, reading, … Continue reading Fighting for the Right to Read in Missouri