Have a Monstrous Thanksgiving!!

Just a quick note from Finn McSpool (I told you he'd be back) and Tammie & David Beastie to say... HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! And, of course, a very happy fourth Thursday in November to all my readers outside of the U.S....nothing more exciting than a Thursday, am I right? Oh, and if this photo shoot looks … Continue reading Have a Monstrous Thanksgiving!!

Domna, The Sun God’s Daughter – Chapter Six

What happens when the rug of your world has been completely ripped out from under you? Well, if you're Sofia Domna, you plot your escape and thumb your nose at the people who've done this to you. Yep, that's right, after our quick break for an announcement last week, it's time for Chapter Six of … Continue reading Domna, The Sun God’s Daughter – Chapter Six

Calling All Writers of Fantasy Fiction!

Okay, maybe not ALL fantasy fiction authors, but we'll get to the details of that after a couple of quick bits of housekeeping. Then, I'll let you in on the great scheme I've got underway that will help you boost your mailing list numbers. First off, yes, I'm taking a tiny break from my weekly … Continue reading Calling All Writers of Fantasy Fiction!

Chapter Five of Domna Brings Deception and Brutal Honesty

Is it time for Chapter Five of Domna, Part One: The Sun God's Daughter already? My calendar says it is, and I've learned never to argue with my calendar. After Chapter Four's bombshell of a betrothal, this week Sofia faces the reality of what her new engagement means and learns the brutal reasons why her father … Continue reading Chapter Five of Domna Brings Deception and Brutal Honesty

Finn Says Hello…and Goodbye

Here's the deal. I had plans to finish out the last few days of my Irish Adventure with Finn McSpool (I love that autocorrect now recognizes "McSpool"!) over the next couple weeks and then continue on with my regular Saturday Finn-filled posts. But plans are changing. Don't worry, I've already got some pics loaded so … Continue reading Finn Says Hello…and Goodbye