Artist Statement

While I would love to be the type of artist who thrives on the chaos of bold strokes and and shapes, that’s simply not me. In my art I’m fascinated by the intricate details that are often overlooked in our daily lives.

"Looking Up in London" 8x10" Graphite and Colored Pencil on Drawing Paper $75 (better image coming soon)

Although I find inspiration from any scene that happens to have an eye-catching detail or form, my work tends to focus on my passions in life: animals, plants, and travel.

I can be found experimenting with watercolor and acrylic paints, but work primarily in colored pencil as this medium helps me capture bold colors while still allowing for the fine features and subtlety characteristic in my finished pieces.

Member of the Clackamas County Arts Alliance’s Artist Exhibit Program in 2016 & 2017