I turn wickedly strong tea into historical fantasy fiction in which the gods, heroes, and myths of Ancient Greece come to life as you’ve never seen them before. With a love of history and mythology, my books are rich with details of the culture of ancient times, but with a fantasy twist.

As I move forward in my writing career, I hope to shift more into the realm of historical fiction, while also dabbling in a little magical mystery.

When I’m not creating worlds or killing off characters, I wrangle honeybees and travel to places near and far alongside a woolly monster named Finn McSpool.

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Still not enough? Well, here’s more about me than you could ever hope to know!

The Backstory

As odd as it may sound, I have a background in science and over ten years of experience working in laboratories as a chemist and research assistant in behavioral neuroscience. I wrote my first book about 20 years ago. It was awful. Truly, truly awful, and was a complete(ly horrible) rip-off of Stephen King’s The Stand.

I wrote another book a couple years later. It was about this time that the I-want-to-be-published bug bit. Unfortunately, my story-telling ability hadn’t improved much and I was the proud recipient of many, many, MANY rejection notices.

I had no idea what I was doing (still don’t) and thought I only needed to get some publications under my belt to make agents and publishers come flocking. So, I began writing non-fiction articles, essays, web content, and short stories. This didn’t help me win the hearts of any publishers, but it did improve my writing and even earned me a few awards for my words.

I kept writing long fiction, kept learning, and kept stacking away manuscripts because (although they were far better than my first two disgraces) none of them ever screamed “Publish Me!!!”

The Main Plot

There was a lot of change going on around this time. Life changes meant my grant-funded job was going away at the same time my husband earned a promotion. This both forced me (in the former case) and allowed me (in the latter) to quit my day job. Digital and social changes also meant self-publishing was slowly becoming more accepted as a viable way for creative entrepreneurs to build a career.

When I wrote The Trials of Hercules (after a couple false starts), I knew I had something publishable. I also realized it could work into a series. I published it and set about to writing the next book (which is when I discovered I really should have planned the series before starting that second book, but every mistake is a chance to learn, right?).

When the reviews started coming in for Hercules, I was nervous. Would people like it? Would they “get” it? Was it stupid and silly? Turns out the reviews were amazing. And they were from people I didn’t even know! No bribery or anything. My confidence soared and I’ve been cobbling away at the series ever since.

The Plot Twist

I have floundered around several times during all this. I’ve published a few non-fiction books I now can’t believe I unleashed on the public, and a surge of writing frustration/insecurity between Books Two and Three of the Osteria Chronicles had me on the verge of giving up on writing altogether.

As they say, the only person to blame for your lack of success is yourself, which is why I’ve been nailing down some concrete goals I want to achieve with my writing and studying how to make those goals happen. Now I’m eagerly looking forward to the next year of writing and publication.

The Denouement

In November 2017, I released The Maze of Minos: Book Three of the Osteria Chronicles, and Book Four (The Bonds of Osteria) was released in May 2018.

At the beginning of 2019, I released Domna (which was serialized into six parts). This book has a strong basis in Roman history, with a good dose of mythology, and is set in the world of Osteria long before The Trials of Hercules begins.

I’m currently in the midst of cobbling together Books Five and Six of the Osteria Chronicles and have plans for another series. Expect to see all of these in 2020.


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