Who Am I? Well….

Many moons ago I was a scientist in a neuroscience lab where I got to play with brains and illegal drugs. Now, I’m an award-winning indie author who turns wickedly strong tea into imaginative fiction (so, basically still playing with brains and drugs). 

My fascination for myths, history, and how they interweave inspired my two historical fantasy series, The Osteria Chronicles and my second series, Domna (grab your free series starters for those HERE and HERE).

But all those ancient myths and angst-ridden heroes got a bit too serious for someone with a strange sense of humor and odd way of looking at the world. 

So, while sitting at my grandmother’s funeral, my brain came up with an idea for a contemporary fantasy trilogy that’s filled with magic, mystery, snarky humor, and the dead who just won’t stay dead. That idea turned into The Cassie Black Trilogy, which has turned into a fan favorite.

My latest series, The Circus of Unusual Creatures, keeps the laughs coming with mystery, humor, and sleuthing dragons.

When I’m not creating worlds or killing off characters, I can be found gardening, planning my next travel adventure, working as an unpaid servant to four cats and two guinea pigs, or concocting something in the kitchen.

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