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Hello Book Fiends of Bloglandia!

What’s that saying about March? In like a lion and out like a lamb?

Well, for me (at least as far as reading goes), March came roaring in with a fabulous fantasy adventure and went cavorting out like a genetically modified sheep.

But I suppose that isn’t as catchy.

Anyway, March was one of those all-or-nothing reading months in which the books I read and listened to were either, “OH MY READING GODS, THIS IS FABULOUS,” or they left me sagging my shoulders in disappointment and saying, “Well, that’s several hours of my life I’m not getting back.”

But let’s not dwell on those blah books, and instead let’s celebrate those fabulous reads….



The Chaos Job

by T.M. Baumgartner

Note: This superb series starter is only 99c if you want to try it out for yourself : )

This is whole lot of sci-fi fun, even if you swear up and down that you really don’t like sci-fi.

Sil has “retired” to a planet where she’s trying to raise genetically modified sheep (but not genetically modified enough) and some grumpy goats.

To get her sheep to handle their environment better she needs to get her order of modified sheep semen to breed tougher stock.

But when the local official (Glass), who’s already made her life miserable, steals her shipment, well, she’ll do whatever it takes to get it back.

This was beyond a doubt a fun book that was easy to read (and hard to put down), namely because it was so unique. Baumgartner’s creativity and cleverness shine in the world she’s created…a world that feels just different enough, but also feels very real with plenty of nuances and details trickled in as the story unfolds.

The characters all have their quirks and their interactions are pulled off perfectly, especially the romance Sil finds herself in. Although I found some of the AI bits a little confusing (it becomes more clear toward the end), the rest of the plot flowed smoothly and kept me turning the pages!

All in all a great read if you are looking for something truly different that has a bit of humor, a bit of romance, a bit of wonderful world building, and plenty of madcap adventure.



by Neil Gaiman 

This was amazingly delightful. But really, it’s hard to go wrong when Neil Gaiman is in fairy tale frame of mind.

The story centers on Tristran, who is searching for a fallen star to impress the lady he’s infatuated with. But it turns out the star has become a woman (Yvaine) who many others are after…and definitely not for happy reasons. The tale then follows Tristran and Yvaine as they try to get to safety.

All in all, this was such a fun book to read. Like any good fairy tale, the writing was simple enough to keep pulling me along so I could discover what was around each corner. And although I say “fairy tale”, this is no kids book (not little kids, anyway) as there are some sexy bits and one or two somewhat gruesome scenes.

The only thing that could have made the book more perfect would have been a little more depth to the characters, especially Tristran and Yvaine’s relationship, a little more banter, just a little more to give the sense that they’re right for each other.

I would also have liked more scenes with the ghost brothers since they were hilarious. Basically, I just wish the book had been longer, and for someone like me who gets easily bored with books, that’s a sign of a great story!

Overall, a great read if you’re looking for a light bit of fantasy to put a smile on your face.

Note: After reading this book, I HAD to see the movie (which I’d never seen before). I have to say, the movie, while fun and in no way disappointing, just didn’t have the same Wow Factor as the novel.


The Prison Healer

by Lynette Noni (audiobook)

This was an amazing story with light fantasy elements, a high stakes plot, and characters you just want to cheer for. And if you love plot twists that leave you saying, “I KNEW IT!” you’ll really enjoy this : )

Set in what is essentially a political prison, Kiva serves her time as a medic. When a prisoner/patient comes in who is too ill to face a deadly ordeal, Kiva volunteers. What follows is an irresistibly wild ride. (and despite how it sounds, it ends up not being a Hunger Games rip off)

What I loved most about this book is how many layers are gong on. You’ve got the overarching story of the prisoner, a romantic subplot, a deadly disease spreading thorough the prison, other prisoners who have it in for Kiva, and it all weaves together wonderfully.

It’s not a perfect book. I found Kiva’s knowledge a little over the top (she’s only 17, been in prison since she was 8, and she’s this unbeatable healer???). Some parts of her repeating her family’s and enemies’ words to herself gets painfully repetitious. And in the audiobook version, Tipp comes across as annoyingly babyish.

Still, none of that is enough to rob it of any of the five stars I gave it, and I can’t wait to listen to the next book in the series!


What did you read last month? Anything surprisingly good? Anything horrible? Anything outside your “usual” genres that blew you away? Reply and let me know!

Thanks for popping by and have a great month of reading, everyone!!!



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