Hello Book Lovers of Bloglandia!

That’s right…I have been expressly invited to join the ranks of the nobility by living in a palace.

But before you rush out and buy me a tiara, let me explain.

This “palace” isn’t some drool-worthy, architectural wonder in the French countryside.

I know, I was a little disappointed too….especially as I’d already gone out and bought a week’s worth of tiaras.

No, this “palace” is the Palace Marketplace.

And while it doesn’t have 300 rooms, sprawling gardens, and its own stables, the Palace Marketplace is pretty fabulous nonetheless.

So what exactly is this “Palace”?

Palace Marketplace was founded by the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA).

It’s the only not-for-profit ebook marketplace for libraries and it makes it easier for libraries to quickly build their collections of high-quality indie ebooks.

Over 400 libraries and library systems across the US have already signed on, with thousands more expected to sign on in the next couple years.

What my entry into the palace means for you (and your library system)

It means when you recommend my books (or any other indie books)* to your library they should have a MUCH easier time locating and purchasing the title.

*Recommending the books of indie writers to your local library is one of the BEST ways you can help support us and get the word out about our work…and it’s absolutely FREE!!

The DPLA’s own librarians will be working on creating collections based on themes, style, genre, and more…all to make it easier for your local library to develop their collections of indie books without much effort.

That means, say you tell your local librarian you’d like to see more humorous fantasy books by indie authors. With these “collections” your library will then be able to visit Palace and quickly find a gob of books they can add at the touch of a button.

And weirdly enough, dong business with this palace isn’t as expensive as you might think.

Once the library is ready to purchase, they’ll be able to get the book you recommend for a very small fee.

Most books cost libraries (who often have very tight budgets) a TON of money for a short licensing period which they must renew on a regular basis.

But Palace provides a one-time license (in other words, no need to renew) for only $10 (on average)… which is like chamber music to the ears of any library’s finance department!

And you know how some palaces are a warren of halls and rooms and stairways and are easy to get lost in? Not this Palace!

See, with the Palace App you, my dear book fiend, can hunt around and find titles you want because the app unites a library’s collections from different library aggregators into a single interface. You’ll no longer have to search through multiple library apps to find a single desired title.

Anyway, while I’m a little disappointed not to be packing my bags and heading here….

…the Palace Marketplace sounds pretty wonderful as well, and it’ll do for now (you know, until I build up my tiara collection)


Now it’s your turn…

Have you heard of the Palace Marketplace or app? Have you tried it? Do you recommend books to your library? What was your latest recommendation?

Thanks for popping by and have a great week of reading, everyone!!!



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