Hello Book Nerds of Bloglandia!

After the disastrous state things were in last week on my writing desk, it’s time to get going on something new I had planned for the blog this year.

Or rather, something old.

Those of you who’ve been scrolling through my posts for a while (probably in search of cat memes) will remember I had a podcast a couple years ago called The Book Owl Podcast.

The podcast was a haven for book nerds who like a little humor with their bookish history and trivia.

Although nerves were high during the first couple of episodes, I absolutely loved the things I discovered during the research, the writing, and the recording of the podcast.

What I didn’t love was realizing the insane amount of time it took to put together a podcast episode (roughly 4 to 5 hours for a 20-minute episode).

And since that podcast time was seriously comprising my writing time, something and to give. So yes, I murdered my poor little owl* after about 26 episodes.

(*Just to be clear, no actual owls were harmed in the making of this post)

But, since there really was a ton of good stuff in those 26 episodes and since I’d love to start sharing with you more bookish goodies than I have been, I’ve decided it’s time to bring the Book Owl back from the dead.

Zombie Owls? Not Exactly…

Despite the title of this post, I am not fully bringing back the Book Owl (yet). That is, I’m not recording new episodes or anything like that.

What I’ll be doing is a bit of recycling by posting the “word” portion (aka “the transcripts”) of the old episodes. There’ll also be some pictures and, yes, probably some memes along the way.

I would share the audio portion, but those old recordings have a lot of book news and shout outs that are now far out of date, so I figured just the written side of things would be better for sharing.

Now, if you haven’t met the Book Owl Podcast before…

As I said, this will no longer be a podcast, so maybe we should call this endeavor the Book Owl’s History Bits, or maybe the Book Owls Bookish Bits of History and Trivia (bit long that), or maybe Book Nerd’s Corner, or… clearly, I’m open to suggestions…

Whatever it’s called, here’s the description of the Podcast Formerly Known As Book Owl…

The Book Owl Podcast delights your inner book nerd and feeds your reading addiction with everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about books.

Delivered with plenty of light humor, each episode spins tales of tantalizing tomes to luscious libraries, and literary lore to quirky bookstores.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what book will kill you, whether dogs read, or why a bookstore has a train running through it, it’s time to get caught in The Book Owl’s beak.

The Book Owl Podcast, we give a hoot for book nerds.

The Plan (for now)

For now, I plan to recycle a Book Owl post once a month, typically on the second Wednesday of the month.

Each of these posts will feature some book- or writing-related goodie from history such as the invention of the Bookmobile, haunted libraries, marvelous book museums, and the story behind some of your favorite classic tomes.

If this proves to be of interest to readers of this blog, I might start posting these history tidbits and book nerd goodies more often and even throwing in some new material amongst the recycled stuff. But we’ll see how it goes, shall we?

I’ll kick things off next month with the first ever (and one of my favorite) episodes: “This Book Will Kill You.” Mwuahahahaha!!!

In the meantime, be sure to get your book nerd on with the pretty fabulous book deals and bundles you’ll find just a tad further down…

Hoot at you soon!


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Thanks for popping by and have a great week of reading, everyone!!!