Happy New Year Bloglandia!

Okay, I did have good intentions of starting this blog in a new direction for the new year.

But then this happened….

And because I doubt I have many archaeologists following this blog, let me explain what you’re seeing in that midden heap formerly known as my desk.

All that paper (sorry, trees)? All those pens (gotta be color-coordinated)?

That’s me taking the notes from a read through of my first draft of a new book and trying (trying being the key word) to take all the ideas that came pouring in during the read through and cobbling them into a new outline for draft two.

There’s a lot to sort out, and really, I think the ideas may be running amok under those piles of paper and I really have to rein them in before they turn this new book (trilogy, actually) into a wild mess.

Which is why, I’m not really doing much of a blog post today.

Instead, let me just share with you a few bookish goodies….

Cozy mysteries, darker mysteries, and wonderful deals for your book-craving heart!

To celebrate last month’s launch of Fangs a Million, I’ve thrown Duncan into a couple cozy mystery-filled book bundles this month.

I’m not sure how those other amateur sleuths will like a dragon bumbling around their clues, but as long as no one tries to take his omelets, all should be fine.

The two bundles below both feature books and deals by indie authors like myself.

Even if you don’t purchase anything, it’s a HUGE help for you just to gander at what we’re up to in the indie writing world.

So, please do check the two collections out (just give the images a tap and you’ll be whisked away all the reading wonders)

Note: That second one includes mostly cozy mysteries, but there’s also some darker mysteries in there as well.

Bundle #1

Bundle #2


What messes have you already gotten lost under this year? Did you find anything fun to read in the bundles? Reply and let me know!

Thanks for popping by and have a great month of reading, everyone!!!



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