Hello Book (and Dragon) Lovers of Bloglandia!

I feel sorry for all the book retailers out there because today, they’ve just had a dragon land on their shelves.

That’s right, today is Release Day for Fangs a Million, the third book in my Circus of Unusual Creatures series that features Duncan, Deadliest Dragon in the West… and amateur sleuth (when he’s not busy eating omelets, that is).

Let me start things out by throwing out a BIG OLD ROUND OF THANKS to all of you who pre-ordered a copy of the book.

Your early interest not only meant Duncan’s tale landed on your e-reader this morning (or possibly earlier if you ordered directly from me), but you also helped give the book a little boost today!

And of course, thanks to my review team for the speed with which you devoured this story and for all their wonderful reviews (some of which you can see toward the end of this post).

Tickled Pink, and Purple, and Polka-Dotted

You’ll get that reference within the first few chapters of the book.

Still, I am tickled pink, because although this book started out rough and with me dreading every editing session in the early stages, it ended up being my favorite of Duncan’s adventures so far.

Why? I’m not sure.

The characters definitely had a part to play. They’ve all settled into who they are, and I was able to play with that. Plus, it was fun tormenting Fergus and watching Duncan and Cordelia trying to play dragon matchmakers.

But enough of this, there’s books to sell you, samples to provide, reviews to share, and most importantly, discounts to be had!

Ebooks and Paperbacks, Big Retailers and Small

Since it’s a release party we’re talking about, you’ve probably guessed that Fangs a Million is now available (still at a slight discount) on my Payhip Bookstore.

Or, if you prefer, Fangs a Million is also available at all the usual book-selling suspects.

You’ll find those suspects at https://books2read.com/FangsaMillion

If you’re a paperback fan, you’ll also find the shops currently carrying them at that same link.

That list of paperback retailers is a little slim right now, but you can always ask your friendly bookshop or library to order a paperback for you.

Just give them title and author, or provide them the ISBN 979 821 5916 742 and they should have no trouble getting a copy for you.

If you haven’t started the series yet….

be sure to take advantage of this 99c sale!

If you haven’t started the Circus Unusual Creatures series yet (and these books really are best read in order), now is the perfect time to do so!


To celebrate the launch of Fangs a Million (Book #3) I’m discounting Hoard It All Before (Book #1) to 99c for a limited time.

Ready to start this silly series? Ready to get your dragon detective at a bargain?

Then CLICK HERE to find Hoard It All Before in ebook and paperback formats at your favorite retailer.

99c! What a dragon-y deal : )

That’s (Sort of) It…

Okay, that’s about it for this “buy my book” post.

However, if you haven’t gotten them yet, keep scrolling for a sample from Fangs a Million, as well as some early reviews and the book’s description.

As ever, thanks to everyone who continues to read my work. It means so much that you enjoy the wacky things my brain comes up with.

Happy Reading!!

Tammie Painter

Looking for a Sample?

If you missed the sample of Fangs a Million, you can read the first few chapters HERE

Some Early Reviews for Fangs

“I gobbled this book up like Duncan (the main character) gobbles up omelets! It was so entertaining, so laugh-out-loud funny, I finished it in two days!!!”

“This book is both hilariously funny and an unpredictable whodunnit – highly recommended.”

“…this is an entertaining addition to the series and should delight readers of cozies who enjoy a dash of oddball flavor.”

Fangs a Million was also just featured on the fabulous Jonathan Pongratz’s book review blog (where it earned oodles of stars and wonderful words). Be sure to give it a gander if you’re still not sure this is the book for you : )

About the Book (aka “The Description”)


  • “…a charming tale of dragons, deception, and dastardly deeds, and I loved every minute of it.”
  • “…an excellent read…[a] hilarious series”
  • “Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down…it was that good!”
  • “Light and fanciful with a darn good mystery woven in. What fun!”

If you like fantastical mysteries that mix in laughs with murderous mayhem and mythical beasts, you’ll love the Circus of Unusual Creatures Mysteries.


Duncan (aka “Deadliest Dragon in the West”) has finally finished typing up the third sleuthing adventure he got us tangled up in. It’s the one that involves booze smuggling, dragon matchmaking, too much lemonade, and a unicorn having a very bad hair day.

I’m not sure about Duncan calling it a “masterpiece of mystery,” but trust me, it’s a good one. Especially when that unicorn has a wardrobe malfunction and Duncan becomes a victim of his own matchmaking.

Of course, things aren’t all fun and games at Zin’s Circus of Unusual Creatures. We’ve got some pesky trainees driving us all batty, a police raid that threatens to shut the show down permanently, and, yes, a couple of confounding murders to solve.

Now, while I go see what Pepper’s cooking up in the Cantina, why not make a dragon’s day by grabbing your own copy of Fangs a Million?

And if you haven’t started The Circus of Unusual Creatures series yet, I’m pretty sure you’ll love, not only this tale, but also Duncan’s first two books: Hoard It All Before and Tipping the Scales.

Note: While you can read The Circus of Unusual Creatures Mysteries on their own, you’ll get far more out of the stories if you read the books in order.

Note: Some links above are affiliate links. If you buy something after clicking the link, i get a teeny tiny commission to keep this site running, but it costs you NOTHING extra. What a deal, right?