Hello Book (and Dragon) Lovers of Bloglandia!

So, I’ve got a book coming out pretty darn soon…next week, in fact.

Yes, that means this post and next week’s posts are going to be brimming over with self-promotion and “buy my book” messages.

Sorry. These things happen in an author blog.

But this week’s post is also going to be full of discounts, early access specials, and your chance to take a dragon on a test drive.

Okay, it’s just a book that features a dragon detective that you’ll be taking on a test drive, but until I train up this fleet of dragons I ordered from Reptiles R’ Us, it’s the best I can offer.

So…first up…

The Short & Sweet Pre-Order Announcement

This bit’s about as basic as you can get…

Fangs a Million is currently available for pre-order at select retailers, including Kobo, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and a few others.

The Super Special Pre-Order Pricing…

Pre-orders on the retailers above are super beneficial to me.

So to reward and thank you for helping me out, I’m offering a small pre-order discount (2.99 instead of 3.99 USD) during the pre-order period.

The Super-Duper Special Pre-Order Early Access to the Book

Fangs a Million is also available for pre-order on my Payhip Bookstore.

Now, if you just said, “Big deal” “Why should I care?” or “Yeah, and….??” well, first, you might want to examine why you’re talking back to a blog post.

But second, the big deal is that if you order the book through my shop, you not only get the discount price, but you’ll also get your very own personalized copy of the book delivered directly to you a few days earlier than anyone else.

That is, assuming I’ve set everything up properly.

Which I think I did.



It’s Time to Test Drive Those Dragons!

If you want to give the book a test spin before you buy, go ahead and strut on across the showroom floor, relax behind the wings of the latest dragon model, and read THIS SAMPLE of Fangs a Million’s first three chapters.

In the sample, you’ll find Duncan (dragon sleuth and omelet addict) getting a manicure, Zin (circus owner and satyr) making a few unwelcome announcements, and Fergus (a chain-smoking unicorn) showing off the dazzling effects of a new hair tonic he’s discovered….things only go downhill for him from there.

If you’re still curious about the book, you’ll find a description and some early reviews below!

Let me know if you enjoyed your dragon test drive and, above all, have a great week everyone!!!

About the Book (aka “The Description”)


If you like fantastical mysteries that mix in laughs with murderous mayhem and mythical beasts, you’ll love the Circus of Unusual Creatures Mysteries.


Duncan (aka “Deadliest Dragon in the West”) has finally finished typing up the third sleuthing adventure he got us tangled up in. It’s the one that involves booze smuggling, dragon matchmaking, too much lemonade, and a unicorn having a very bad hair day.

I’m not sure about Duncan calling it a “masterpiece of mystery,” but trust me, it’s a good one. Especially when that unicorn has a wardrobe malfunction and Duncan becomes a victim of his own matchmaking.

Of course, things aren’t all fun and games at Zin’s Circus of Unusual Creatures. We’ve got some pesky trainees driving us all batty, a police raid that threatens to shut the show down permanently, and, yes, a couple of confounding murders to solve.

Now, while I go see what Pepper’s cooking up in the Cantina, why not make a dragon’s day by grabbing your own copy of Fangs a Million?

And if you haven’t started The Circus of Unusual Creatures series yet, I’m pretty sure you’ll love, not only this tale, but also Duncan’s first two books: Hoard It All Before and Tipping the Scales.

Note: While you can read The Circus of Unusual Creatures Mysteries on their own, you’ll get far more out of the stories if you read the books in order.

Some Early Reviews for Fangs a Million

“I gobbled this book up like Duncan (the main character) gobbles up omelets! It was so entertaining, so laugh-out-loud funny, I finished it in two days!!!”

“This book is both hilariously funny and an unpredictable whodunnit – highly recommended.”

“…this is an entertaining addition to the series and should delight readers of cozies who enjoy a dash of oddball flavor.”

What readers have to say about the series so far…

  • “…a charming tale of dragons, deception, and dastardly deeds, and I loved every minute of it.”
  • “…an excellent read…[a] hilarious series”
  • “Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down…it was that good!”
  • “Light and fanciful with a darn good mystery woven in. What fun!”
  • “The series keeps getting better.”


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