Hello Book Fiends of Bloglandia!

Okay, yes, this is a “buy my book” type post. Sorry, these things happen.

But it’s not just my books that are on sale over at Kobo. It’s books by plenty of other fabulous authors.

So really, this post is a public service to help out both readers and writers. I expect that, at any minute, I’ll probably be nominated for a humanitarian award for my generosity to my fellow man.

But before you go rushing out to submit your nominations to the Nobel Prize Committee, let me share the details of Kobo’s 30% Off Sale with you.

The Basic Details

Kobo is having a sale in which all the books are 30% off their regular price. 

But you probably figured that out from the name of the sale, you super genius!

This sale isn’t on their entire catalog…it only features books Kobo’s marketing team have hand-selected to be included.

So, yeah, it’s quite the honor to be amongst the bunch.

Anyway, if you’re not interested in my books and want to browse the other books in the sale, you can find ALL the titles at https://kobo.com/p/november-sale

To get your bargains, add the books you like to your cart, then enter coupon code 30NOV at checkout. 

The sale runs from 10 November to 21 November 2022, and is taking place in Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

If You ARE Interested in My Books….

The wonderful Promo Queen over at Kobo (no, really, I’ve been working with her a lot over the past couple months and she truly is wonderful) has selected five of my books to be included in this promotion.

These include all three books of my wryly humorous fantasy series The Cassie Black Trilogy…

As well as both box sets (aka “all six books”) of my historical fantasy series that brings the gods, heroes, and monsters of Greek mythology to life as you’ve never seen them before….

But Wait, There’s More…

Kobo’s also featuring my book The Trials of Hercules in the Free Series Starter section of their website.

The book is always free, but they decided to throw old Herc some extra love this month : )

So yeah, I owe Kobo a big heap of thanks for all this recognition. Maybe they’re the ones who should be nominated for the humanitarian prize…or at least a Tamm-i-tarian prize.

Because I Realize Not Everyone Loves Kobo As Much As I Do…

You can also find all of the books listed above at their regular prices on most other retailers.

THIS LINK will take you to a listing of all my books and stories.

Just click on a cover and you can learn more about the book, pick your favorite retailer, and even find where to find paperback copies.

And of course, if you prefer to get your books from the library (my favorite!) please don’t hesitate to recommend my tales to your librarian!

Okay enough self-promotion. Enjoy your book browsing.

Here’s the details once more…


Coupon Code: 30NOV

Dates: 10 to 21 November 2022




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