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Hello Book Fiends of Bloglandia!

Yes, yes, I’m a little late with this month’s gushing over books I read in the previous month.

What can I say? Posting vacation photos took precedence over trying to pick my top three favorite reads.

And if you pop over to last week’s post, I don’t think you’ll blame me.

Speaking of vacations…

My proverbial vacation road is usually paved with good intentions of reading a ton. 

Unfortunately, that road often turns out to be poorly paved…with lots of potholes and roadkill along the way…and I barely get through half a book.

But for once, I did actually make my way through a few books while on my journeys… one of which turned out to be terribly disappointing, one of which turned out to be surprisingly not that bad, and a few of which ended up being too fabulous not to share with you.

So let’s get to those top three reads and a special announcement for the bargain hunting book lovers out there.

#1 Sister Agatha by Domhnall O’Donoghue

This is by far and away my favorite book of the month!

sister Agatha

If you feel the quirky-senior-who-goes-on-adventures has become a wearisome and predictable trope, you haven’t met Sister Agatha.

Sister Agatha has one goal in life and that’s be the oldest person in the world. At 118, she’s done pretty well, but there’s four other people ahead of her in the age line.

So what’s a goal-oriented nun to do?

That’s right, steal the nunnery’s credit card and jet around the world so she can kill off her competition.

The concept is ridiculous, but Sister Agatha is completely believable (and wonderfully devious) as she sets about her task.

Happenstance plays a huge part in her aims, and it was delightfully hilarious watching all the pieces fall into place.

Throughout the story, you get snippets of Sister Agatha’s past and learn why she became a nun and why she invented this goal for herself.

The book is short, full of laughs and charm, and is bound to entertain. I’ll definitely be seeking out more from this author : )

#2 Lost In Time by A.G. Riddle

lost in time

I absolutely devoured this book, it was that good.

When a woman turns up dead, a father (Sam) and daughter (Adeline) are both on the line for her murder. To save his daughter, the Sam confesses. His punishment is to be sent back to the time of the dinosaurs (the standard punishment for criminals).

Meanwhile, his daughter tries to solve the mystery of the murder, and what she discovers sets off a whole slew of wonderful twists that I didn’t see coming.

The first part of the book goes back and forth between Sam and Adeline’s perspective. I might have liked to see a bit more of Sam’s struggles because, I mean, man against dinosaur? Who doesn’t want to see more of that. But the fast pace of the chapters kept me turning the pages.

The majority of the book is then told through Adeline’s perspective…and here I can’t say much without revealing spoilers, but let’s just say it’s an intriguing spin on the time travel paradox.

As mentioned, I loved this book, but would say it’s 4.5 stars, not a full 5. The characters aren’t the deepest, some of Sam’s introspection felt a little tedious and repetitive, and the end dragged on a little longer than needed (especially given how perfectly paced the rest of the novel is).

Still, I loved the concept, I loved the story, and I loved all those twisty plot twists!

I think even if you don’t normally like time travel books (they’re not my favorite), but you do like a good mystery, you’ll enjoy this clever tale.

# 3 The Hollow Boys by Douglas Smith

Indie pick of the month!

hollow boys

This was a book that, while I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy it at first, just kept pulling me through to a terrific end.

At 17, Will is insanely wealthy partially to the comic book series he created. A comic book series based on his real-life ability to step into a world of dreams where he can interact with other people who are dreaming…and so much more.

When he learns some street kids, all boys, have gone missing, he offers to use his special talent to do what he can to find them.

Meanwhile, street kid Case has just had her baby brother kidnapped. Her escape from the bad guys brings her right to Will’s doorstep.

While I enjoyed this book and did find it a real page-turner, some aspects of it aren’t perfect. The bad guys felt a tad cookie cutter to me, the relationship between Will and Case moved too fast (would have liked a little more “will they/won’t they”), and some of the dialogue came across as a tad stiff.

Still, I loved Will as a character. His flaw (agoraphobia) is an intriguing one for our “hero” who has to chase down the bad guys, his gentle humor lightens up what could be a heavy novel, and his interactions with Case were always fun to read.

Plus, I always like a Batman-like hidden identity. And hey, what a story! Overall The Hollow Boys is a great read for anyone looking for a fast-paced adventure novel with a graphic-novel “feel” to the prose.

Hollow Boys comes out 15 October on Amazon and most other retailers

What about you? What did you read in September? Anything good? Anything great? Anything so horrible you’re still cursing your wasted reading time? Reply and let me know!


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