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Yes, it’s another tale of Mr Husband and I going on a walk and me coming away with inspiration for a blog post…and some interesting treasures.

Including a furry one. 

Now, I’m not normally a garage sale person. I mean, if I happen to wander by one on a walk, I might take a gander, but I’m definitely not one of THOSE garage sale people.

You know exactly the type I mean.

The ones who plan entire weekends, hell, probably entire summers around garage sales and estate sales.

They swoop down the minute a sale starts and don’t stop hunting the rest of the day in the hopes of scooping up some unexpected antique they can buy for $2 and sell on ebay for $100. 

Anyway, I’m not one of THOSE clever people. I’m just hunting for my own treasure.

For example, well over twenty years ago I bought an electric hand mixer (you know, the kind with the pair of metal beaters you get to lick after you mix your cake batter).

This thing was obviously from the late 70s, early 80s. I got it for a dollar and that thing is STILL running like new.

Given that most small appliances barely last five years now, I’d say that was a dollar well spent.

But back to this most recent walk where Mr Husband and I happened to come across a neighborhood garage sale.

Or shall I call it Treasure Trove City?

Some garage sales are absolute duds. You know, the kind trying to sell off the 68 sets of silverware grandma and grandpa somehow accumulated over the years.

But others are a delight. 

Especially when the people used to be avid travelers, and you just happen to adore souvenirs.

But it wasn’t just souvenirs we walked away with from this sale.

Like I said, there was a furry treasure to be found as well.

Yes, that was a teaser.

Now let’s get back to the goodies I found.

I’m not sure when the elderly couple had done their traveling, but their souvenirs weren’t cheap plastic crap made in China. In fact, they were of pretty darn good, hard-to-resist quality.

For my first bit of treasure I got to pre-buy souvenirs for my upcoming trip to the Netherlands! Talk about saving suitcase space : )

A trio of these handprinted wooden clogs now live on my office wall.

And since I’m going on a trip soon, grandma’s old handbags caught my eye.

What did I discover amongst the many (MANY) purses that probably contained plenty of butterscotch candies and dinner mints in their day?

This handcrafted (at least I’m going to pretend it’s handcrafted) bag from Mexico.

And as you can see, I also couldn’t resist the hand-painted tile (which actually does say “hand-painted” on the back) from Rhodes, Greece, featuring a ship right out of The Voyage of Heroes.

Sorry, yes, that was a shameless book plug.

Now, hold onto your sombreros, because I’m going to ratchet up the cute meter farther than it legally allowed.

It took a bit of debate, but how could we resist this little guy?

Well, that wouldn’t be the only critter we encountered on this garage sale adventure.

See, as we were lugging home our treasure (thankfully, the sale was only a few blocks away), we turned down our street to see a furry little lady wandering aimlessly down the middle of the road.

Then the side of the road.

Then the middle of the road.

She seemed a little confused, to say the least.

Then she turned down a side street that could lead her right to the busy highway.

I dropped off our treasures and we went following after her. 

Luckily, she’d stopped at a house to meet their dog and we asked neighbor if he recognized the lost dog.

Nope. Looks like we had a rogue Scottie on our hands.

Luckily, she had a collar with her name (ZuZu) and a barely discernible phone number on the tag.

Mr Husband called, but of course the owner was out shopping (probably at a garage sale), so we took ZuZu home until the owner could come by.

And of course, seconds before ZuZu’s mom rang our doorbell, ZuZu bulldozed her Scottish butt right through a bed of my favorite flowers.

Needless to say, I wasn’t sad to see ZuZu go.

What About You?

Find any garage sale treasures or do you find the idea of other people’s junk repellant? Any animal rescues for you lately?

Go ahead and leave a comment to share your thoughts!


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5 thoughts on “Well, I Wasn’t Expecting to Find THAT at the Garage Sale

  1. You found some cool treasures at the garage sale.
    That was sweet for you to take ZuZu home. When I lived in Central Oregon I would always find some wayward dog on my walks and have to call their person (thank goodness everyone was into putting name tags and numbers on their dogs). We kept a couple dogs occasionally in the backyard till there person came home.
    In Oregon I enjoyed garage sales and once a month a friend and I would go on Fridays to the “good neighborhoods” and find treasures. Not the same experience in the Denver metro area – it seems people are selling stuff they should have just thrown out – ha! So I enjoy thrift shops here more.

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    1. Yeah, I’m a sucker for lost pets…which is how I ended up with a few of the cats I owned as a kid. Yes, I was a “Mom, it followed me home, can I keep it?” kind of child. As for thrift stores, there used to be a terrific one only a ten-minute walk from my house. Half Price Wednesdays we’re the best for finding “new” clothes. Unfortunately, they closed down last year ☹️

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  2. Oh I could not resist this post! I’m not one of /those/ people either, but I do love the odd garage sale and like you, I have an old appliance that the ex bought at a garage sale. It’s an upright freezer and it has to be at least 40 years old. Yes, 40. It’s not very ‘pretty’ but it works like a charm, and it’s been a life saver during Covid. Going to a garage sale is one of the things I’ve promised myself…once covid is finally over. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! A whole freezer! Nice find. Certainly beats my mixer…oh wait, I just accidentally made a bad pun. I did stay away from garage sales during the worst of Covid, but something about this one pulled me in…and I’m glad it did 😊

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