Hello Creepy Book Lovers of Bloglandia!

That’s right, it’s time for yet another release.

Even though I’ve just released Tipping the Scales last month.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to make a habit of this whip fire release schedule.

And before you start thinking my fingers have been burning across the keyboard, let me say this upcoming release has been ready for a few months now.

I was eager to get it out into the world, but I wanted to get a couple books in the Circus of Unusual Creatures on the virtual shelves before I started confusing people with this turn in direction from my usual humorous fantasy.

Because this is quite a turn from sleuthing dragons and snarky funeral home employees.

Day Sixteen is a psychological thriller with supernatural elements (because I just can’t stay in the real world for long).

I actually wrote this book a LONG time ago — maybe 2012-ish (so, eons ago in Internet time) — but that was a point in my writing life when I knew what I needed to tell a decent story, but I hadn’t yet honed the chops to turn a draft into a book I’d be willing to show other people.

This lack of “chops” is also why I have about ten old manuscripts still lurking in a drawer somewhere.

Anyway, the chops have been honed, I felt confident enough to tackle this eerie little puppy, and now it’s been launched into the world.

So, if you’re read for something a little different from me, below you’ll find all kinds of goodies such as…

  • Those all important Buy My Book links,
  • What other readers have to say about this dark fantasy tale,
  • The book’s description…which took nearly as much honing as the entire book, and
  • A sample chapter from this chilling tale.

Okay, on with the celebration!


If You’re Already Eager to Nab a Copy of Day Sixteen…

As an experiment, I’m only releasing Day Sixteen as an ebook on my Payhip Bookstore.

Shopping directly from me is super simple and secure, and it means more of your money goes to this hard-working author, rather than some corporate bigwig.

But I’m not going to deny the corporate bigwigs entirely, because the book is also available as a paperback on Amazon and several online book sellers.

Here’s the links….

Note #1: Other than Amazon, retailers can be slow to add the paperback to their shelves. If Amazon isn’t your preferred retailer for paperbacks, please be patient and keep checking that link for retailer updates.

Note #2: If you’d like to request the paperback directly from your local bookstore, simply ask for Day Sixteen by its title or by its ISBN 979 820 158 5754


What Readers Are Saying About Day Sixteen…


 …the storyline had me on the edge of my seat — really hard to put down. You need to read it!

–Bookbub Reviewer

If you want a thrilling read with some solid creepy moments along the way, this book is for you!

—Jonathan Pongratz, Author of The BEK Curse

 keeps the reader engaged wanting to see where this will lead. But still…not wanting it to end.

–Bookbub Reviewer

If you’re a fan of creepy books with a bit of a paranormal twist, you’ll enjoy this!

–T.S. Baumgartner, author of The Chaos Connection


About the Book


At first, Moire’s sleepwalking incidents don’t faze her. She’s never had them before, so surely they’ll pass. But when she notices they keep happening on a certain day, she wonders if there’s something more to her nightly wanderings.

Then there’s her husband Neil’s research project at the fertility clinic, his strange reaction to her taking birth control pills, and, wait… has he been tracking her cycle?

As further troubling events and coincidences plague Moire’s sleeping and waking world, her paranoia mounts. Paranoia Neil insists is a clear sign that Moire needs help.

Moire knows she needs to get a grip, that what she believes is too crazy to be true, but when people close to her start disappearing, she realizes she’s in a fight for her mind and her body, and that what’s been happening is more disturbing than she could have imagined.

If you’re captivated by The X-Files and The Handmaid’s Tale, if you enjoy peeling back the layers of an otherworldly mystery, or if you’ve ever doubted what you’ve been told is true, you’ll find yourself gripped by Day Sixteen, a modern day thriller with light supernatural elements.

Grab your copy of Day Sixteen today to discover what happens when everything they told you was crazy, turns out to be true.


Perhaps You’d Like A Sample???

Prologue – The Test

She eyed the empty glass as he lowered it to the table.

The wet mark where his mouth met the rim. Would it be enough?

Moire Anders stood up from the table, taking her half-finished lunch to the sink. Food held little appeal with the thoughts running laps through her mind — the thoughts they’d told her not to think anymore.

Should she take the risk? She could leave well enough alone, ignore the warnings in her head, and live as she had done for the past several years. Safely. Freely.

You aren’t safe, and you most definitely aren’t free.

She didn’t want to be taken back to the Ward, but neither could she deny the certainty of what was going on, of what had been done to her. If she could prove it, though…

Then what? Who would believe her? There were times she didn’t believe it herself.

“Done with this?” she asked, placing her hand well below the lip shadow at the rim of the glass with as much care as if preparing to pick up an injured fledgling.

Neil flicked his gaze from the newspaper to the tumbler, gave a sharp nod of his head, then returned his attention to his reading.

The glass shook as Moire lifted it from the table. She told herself it was stupid to be nervous. He drank a glass of water with every meal. She’d have plenty of chances to do this. But, she reminded herself, not many when Xavier would be sound asleep instead of under her feet asking what she was doing and why she was doing it with every movement.

No, it had to be this lunch, this glass.

Her and Xavier’s samples waited in the envelope for Neil’s to join them. She only needed to swab the rim, seal up the packet, then mail off the paternity test kit.

Angled to keep Neil in her field of vision, tensed and ready to toss the test swab under a kitchen towel if he got up, Moire’s hands trembled. She should drop this madness. It wasn’t too late. Just toss the kit into the trash and move on with her life.

No, Moire. The swab. Just hold the swab, swirl the cotton tip over the saliva on the glass. You deserve to—

Neil flicked his newspaper to straighten it. Moire bit her lip to stop herself from crying out in fright at the unexpected crinkling snap that blared like an alarm through the kitchen.

She darted a glance at her husband. Still seated. Still reading. The swab quivered in her hand.

I can’t do this. I can’t. Just pack up the kit and toss it in the trash. Don’t ask questions if you can’t handle all possible answers.

Moire then remembered her sister. She remembered where they had been confined for five months.

And who had signed the papers to put them there.

The anger stirred by the memory steadied her hands.

Want to keep reading? Pick up your copy today from…

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That’s it, party’s over, go grab and read (and review) your new book!

To wrap things up let me say THANK YOU to…

  • My review team for your helpful and encouraging words,
  • The person on my review team who reminded me that you can’t magnetize a CD to erase it (oops),
  • All of you who order a copy of the book today,
  • And to anyone who tells just one other person about this new tale of mine.

As ever, if you have questions about ordering paperbacks, about getting the book into your local library, or just questions about the story itself, pop them in a comment below!



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