Hello Bloglandia,

I didn’t check my email much yesterday.

I wouldn’t exactly say I was avoiding it, but Mondays are sort of my day off from writing, so there’s less need for me to procrastinate from my writing work by checking emails.

(The authors out there will know EXACTLY what I mean.)

And really, most of the time, my inbox isn’t that exciting.

Not that I don’t get a giggle out of how horrible some of those scam emails are (seriously, if you’re going to pretend to be someone from Amazon telling me my account has been closed, at least spell Amazon correctly…and send it to the email associated with my Amazon account), but there’s only so many penis enlargement pills and “hot babes now” ads I can handle on a day off.

But last night, on a whim, I thought I’d check my email.

And that’s when my jaw dropped.

Shocked could not describe it better.

And no, it wasn’t a Nigerian prince offering me the deal of a lifetime.

Instead, it was…

Happy News from Kobo

The email was from Kobo telling me my book Tipping the Scales had been selected as one of their picks for July’s Book of the Month in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

I had to read it again to understand.

My silly dragon-as-detective cozy mystery.

Book of the month?

Initiate squeeing NOW!

Honestly, I have no idea why or how I made the cut (other than that chocolate chip cookie sacrifice I made to the writing gods), but it is pretty darn fabulous to see my cover hanging out with quite a few stellar books.

Anyway, if you’d like to take a peek and to see which other tomes made the cut, here’s the links to Kobo’s Book of the Month pages in those countries mentioned above.

But Wait, There’s More

Sorry, nope, it’s not magic pills for your peepee.

Kobo is also featuring Tipping the Scales and Hoard It All Before as part of their New Release Promotion.

In this promotion, if you buy two books, you get one free.

And you might notice I have two books in the promo…which, oh I don’t know, might be a great way to get yourself a free book you’ve had your eye on…just a suggestion.

If you’re interested, this promo takes place throughout July in…

But Wait, There’s Even More!!!!

No, sorry, this still has nothing to do with wiener enlargement pills.

Instead, Kobo has been showing me a lot fo love lately and has also featured my Complete Box Set of The Osteria Chronicles in their 30% Off Sale.

Which means you’d get all six books of this “highly recommended” historical fantasy series for a REALLY good price.

Just saying.

Anywhoooo, this promo is in the same territories as the other promo, but only lasts until 25 July. Be sure to enter promo code JULY30 at checkout to get the deal.

What about you?

Any great news in your inbox lately? What’s the weirdest spam/scam email you’ve gotten? Pop a comment below!



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