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So, obviously halfway through the month isn’t the most timely times to post about books I read the previous month, but that’s the way the blog posts tumble.
That’s not how that saying goes, is it?
Ah well, no matter, because….
Finally! After two months of wondering if I’d ever escape the book doldrums, I hit on a bunch of fantastic fiction in May.
Of course, there were a few duds and a couple BIG disappointments, but such is the bookish life.
I mean, this is reality, not some Wonderland of Reading where every book is a perfect match to our tastes…ah, if only such a place existed.
Anyway, of the books I read/listened to last month, these three made me believe that Wonderland of Reading might just possibly be real…
First up we have….

The Scholar by Dervla McTiernan

I really liked the first book in this series (The Ruins), but this second book blew me away.
After being stuck for a year in the detecting doldrums of cold cases, Reilly receives a phone call from his girlfriend about a hit and run. When he and another police detective arrive on the scene, the victim is dead and can only be identified by a piece of student ID on her.
What follows is a wonderfully paced investigative thriller in which suspicion is piled upon suspicion, and those suspicions could mean the end of everything Reilly has worked toward…including his relationship with his girlfriend.
All in all, this book does not lag one bit. Even the slower paced moments keep you turning the pages. And if you can put this down without feeling Reilly is a character you want to see more of, you’re built of sterner stuff than me!
Next up…

Last Orders by Caimh McDonnell

This is (I think) the fourth Bunny McGarry Dublin-based crime thriller and I’m going out on a limb and declaring it’s THE best Bunny book!!
Okay, that might be an unfair assessment since I’ve only read three so far, but this one had me from start to finish.
And what a start…Bunny’s funeral. The rest of the book is a flashback to the network of twists, turns, action, and humorous moments that led up to the funeral.
It was also terrific to see the other characters (even Maggie, the farting dog) getting a bit more developed, taking on their own stories within the story, and just basically making the whole novel feel like you’re hanging out with real people…albeit some very quirky real people.
This story also felt more organized than some of the other Bunny books (again, not a Bunny expert, but..). Some portions of the other Bunny books I’ve enjoyed have seemed a bit “ramble-y” and some of the tangents almost make you lose the overall plot.
But not Last Orders. Sure, there are tangents, but they’re either quick and punchy, or they delightfully tie into the main story.
And last, but definitely with the most laughs is…

Inspector Hobbes and the Curse by Wilkie Martin

Another book two in a series that outshone book one! And so many puns… Puns galore! Puns that I couldn’t help simultaneously laugh and groan at.
But beyond the spot-on humor, Inspector Hobbes is his usual gentlemanly monster self, Mrs. Goodfellow is still adding to her tooth collection, but Andy becomes more of a character in this one, rather than just being an observer (and butt of jokes) as in the first book.
The basic story involves some big cat sightings and I did find it a little hard to believe that Andy, with all the ghouls and monsters he’s seen already, takes so long to figure out the truth behind the cat sightings.
Still, overall, it’s a fun (and funny) story that keeps delivering twists, laughs, and mystery throughout. I especially enjoyed getting more of a glimpse into Hobbes’s background…and seeing Mrs Goodfellow leading her team of kung fu security guards.
If you like the silliness of Douglas Adams and the modern world paranormal antics of CK McDonnell, you’ll love this series.
And in case you’re in the mood for a little book browsing procrastination, there’s…

A Fantasy-Filled Selection of Books

If you’re looking for something to read this month, this amazing assortment of stories will help you escape reality throughout June.


Note: The books featured are all by indie authors like myself. It’s a huge support even if you do nothing more than browse the bundle to see what we’re up to. Thanks : )


Your Turn…

Have you read any of these books? Know of any series where the second book is far better than the first? Any books you read in May that want to recommend (or warn me away from)? 

Go ahead and leave a comment to share your bookish thoughts!




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