Dragons, dwarves, and iguanas.

The perfect recipe for murderous mayhem.


Hello Bloglandia!

Hoorah! We’ve finally made it to Release Day for Tipping the Scales!
Please feel free to open and consume a bubbly beverage of your choice as we continue on with the festivities.
And cake. Don’t forget the cake.
Okay, now that goodies are in hand (or belly), what’s this whole release thing mean for you?
  • If you pre-ordered the ebook, some clever little gnomes should have placed it on your e-reading device or app some time during the night (which sounds creepy, but it’s really not)
  • If you’ve been waiting to grab your ebook or paperback of Tipping the Scales, today’s the day
  • If you haven’t started the series yet, you can jump right in by grabbing the first book (Hoard It All Before) for a mere 99c
  • And finally, if you’re new here (Hello!) or if you somehow missed the two sample chapters from the book I sent out, you’ll find them in just a bit.


A Quick Thanks to My Early Readers

…and what a few of those readers had to say…

As part of the festivities, let me offer up a big THANK YOU to the folks on my Review Team.
You guys really jumped into this book with surprising speed and I was thrilled to hear from everyone who not only caught a few last minute typos, but also told me how much you enjoyed the book.
And, in a bit of shameless self-promotion, here’s a sample of what some early readers over on Bookbub had to say about Tipping the Scales….
What a stunning sequel! This was a charming tale of dragons, deception, and dastardly deeds, and I loved every minute of it.”
A murder mystery that walks on the lighter side with humor sprinkled through out…a well written, entertaining read.”
“The book is an excellent read, very funny – I was kept on the edge of my seat not knowing what was going to happen next. Well worth reading and looking forward to the next installment in this hilarious series.”
The series keep getting better and I can’t wait for the next volume”
Now, while I try to go contain my blushing after such unexpected praise, let me distract you with another silly quote graphic.

Oh Boy, It’s Time for Colorful Buttons

Tipping the Scales is available as an ebook on most of the usual storefronts and as a paperback from a few shops.
You’ll find all the shops behind the big purple button below : )
And don’t forget, to celebrate the launch of this second book in the series,Hoard It All Before (Book 1) is currently discounted to 99c* on the retailers sneaking around behind that big green button.

Okay, let’s continue the celebration with some samples, a behind the book rerun, and even more colorful buttons!

In Case You Missed Them..

Perhaps you’re new here.
Perhaps evil gremlins gobbled up my posts before you could read them.
Or perhaps you’ve been taking a loooong Rip Van Winkle-style nap (lucky you!).
Either way, if you happened to miss the two sample chapters from Tipping the Scales, I thought I’d give you one more chance to check them out.
You’ll find your tasty samples behind the big buttons below…
Of course, if you are new here, you might have also missed the story behind the story of this series.
If you’re curious about Duncan’s start in life, you’ll find that by using this button…so many buttons.
Well, it looks like my glass of bubbly is empty, so party’s over and it’s time for one last attempt at being sales-y….

Ready to Bring a Dragon Into Your Life?

If you like fantastical mysteries that mix laughs in with murderous mayhem and mythical beasts, you’ll love TIPPING THE SCALES.

If you’re still not sure this is the book for you, links to a sample chapter and the book’s description are just a tad further down.

But if you’re ready to bring a detecting dragon into your life Tipping the Scales can now be found…

On a budget?

You can always read Tipping the Scales for free if you simply ask your local library to purchase a copy — either in ebook or paperback format.

Don’t be shy about this.

Most libraries LOVE keeping their patrons happy and it’s a great way to help Duncan spread his wings.


About the Book

Like any traveling show, Zin’s Circus of Unusual Creatures has hair-raising acts and fried food on sticks. But it’s also got an aura-spotting centaur, a chain-smoking unicorn, and an omelet-addicted dragon.

Oh, and far too many dead bodies in the big top.

When his circus arrives in Salem, the satyr Zin has his hooves crossed that all will go off without a hitch. Finances are tight, but when the vivacious Ella Penn shows up looking for work, well, you can’t say no to vivaciousness, can you?

Ella quickly puts up the hackles of the Dumble Dwarves, the Flying Flynns, and even the peace-loving centaur Flora. So when Ella’s pet iguana turns up dead, it’s assumed the murder was an act of revenge.

Eager to try his claws at investigating again, Duncan, self-appointed detecting dragon, is on the case faster than you can say ‘omelet’.

Trouble is, everyone has an alibi. Everyone, that is, except Ella’s ex-boyfriend, who seems to have the perfect motive…a broken heart. And it isn’t long after he arrives that the body count climbs and Duncan finds himself with more clues than he can handle.

In this second installment of the humorous mystery series that mixes in mythical beasts with the murderous mayhem, tempers are sizzling, the clues are confounding, and the twists have nothing do with the Flying Flynns’ trapeze act.

Don’t miss the show. Grab your front row seat for Tipping the Scales today.



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