Hello Scary Book Lovers of Bloglandia,

Happy Friday the 13th!

And to celebrate this most troublesome day, it’s time to tell you about a frightening new release from fellow writer and friend, Jonathan Pongratz!

I’m just going to say, having been on the beta reader team for the novella, this sucker is creepy. Even reading it in it’s “rough” stage, Jonny had set up some amazing tension, some characters you really want to root for, and some characters that will leave you with the creepy crawlies for several days after you’re done reading.

If that’s the kind of story you’re after, then let me introduce to The BEK Curse!


About the Book

Early retirees Maria and Richard Wilcox adore their new home out in the country. The past six months have been sheer bliss as they settled in and prepared for their golden years.

Until the night they answer a knock on their door.

The unexpected visitors are a pair of children. Richard tries to be cordial, but something about the kids is off. Something sinister, something menacing, something inhuman.

And then the children demand to be let in.

What do they want? Is this all a prank? Can Maria and Richard get them to go away, or will their dreams of a peaceful retirement together go up in flames?


Ready for a scare?

You’ll find The BEK Curse on Amazon for USD$1.99.

Or, if you have that Kindle Unlimited dohicky, you can read it for free!


Not Your Cup of Blood Tea?

Shameless plug coming in 3, 2…

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