Hello Book Lovers of Bloglandia,

Just a very quick post this week to let you know about a terrific sale going on over at Kobo.

From now through the 24th of May you can get gobs of books for 40% off via Kobo’s cleverly titled “May 40% Off Sale”

Now, while the sale isn’t going to win any awards for creative naming, you can get a wide range of books in all manner of genres for 40% the retail price if you use 40MAY at checkout.

Of course, I’m not just telling you this to have something to blog about.

See, Kobo selected not one, not two, but THREE of my books to be included in this fabulous promotion.

I know, right!?

Anyway, those titles are….

The Undead Mr Tenpenny

The “hilarious”, “witty”, and “couldn’t put it down” start to the Cassie Black Trilogy that’s full of magical mishaps, snarky humor, and plenty of pastries.

Hoard It All Before (A Circus of Unusual Creatures Mystery #1)

 It’s not every day you meet an amateur sleuth with fangs. “I loved the humour… I loved the way the story was written. The characters are very believable, and the way the mystery unravels is very well crafted…”

The Complete Box Set of The Osteria Chronicles

Yes, ALL six big books of my “highly recommended” series in which the gods, myths, and legends of Ancient Greece come to life as you’ve never seen them before.

Just don’t forget to enter 40MAY when you’re done shopping to get the sale price!

And if you want to check out ALL the books in the promo, just pop over to the sale on Kobo* HERE.

*Quick note: The Kobo banner for the sale on their website says to use code MAY40, but that’s a booboo on their part. The discount code is indeed 40MAY



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