Hello Bloglandia,

Break out the reading glasses and the mugs of tea (with plenty of cookies, of course) because it is party time for us book nerds.

Now, this is the main week for partying since it’s Read-An-Ebook Week.

But come on, we know there’s no time limit on celebrating reading, enjoying books, and discovering new authors.

Really, life is pretty much a constant party for us book nerds, you just never realized because we tend to be quiet while we’re celebrating (unless we scream in terror or laugh out loud).

Anyway, if you want to celebrate with us, or if you’re a book nerd yourself and haven’t stocked up on party supplies, here’s a trio of bookish events happening this week.

First up… It’s Smashwords’ Annual Read An Ebook Week Sale

This is a site-wide event with gobs of books in all genres for 25, 50, 75, and 100 percent off (aka, ‘free’).

The sale runs 6 to 12 March.

I haven’t done much with my Smashwords account over the past couple years, but I thought I’d throw a few tomes from my Smashwords’ Library into the ring for this sale, including discounts on…

That first cover isn’t quite right, but you get the idea.

Again, this sale only runs 6 to 12 March.

By the way, if you prefer to find these titles on other retailers, you can do just that at THIS LINK.

Second… A special little treat from Kobo for those of you in Australia and New Zealand.

For this treat, Kobo have selected Domna: The Complete Series, which will be a mere $1.99 on both the Australia and New Zealand Kobo stores (this boxset is normally AUD/NZD$9.99).

This sale runs from 3 March to 13 March.

Just in case you’re not familiar with this historical fantasy…

Destiny isn’t given by the gods, it’s made by defying them.

  • “This book is highly entertaining…”
  • “I’m loving this story!…a unique and imaginative work..”
  • “…a satisfying mix of fantasy and history.”
  • “So much political intrigue, betrayal and backstabbing that I just HAD to keep on reading.”

Domna: The Complete Series includes all six parts of this “highly recommended…” novel, plus exclusive bonus content.

And finally… If you’re in the mood to find a few new fantasy fiction adventures…. 

A wonderful group of authors have joined forces (yes, magical forces) to put together this amazing bundle of stories.

This fantasy celebration lasts throughout March, so be sure to enjoy all 31 days of escaping reality!


Have a great week! And if none of those promos appeal to you, why not sign up for my newsletter and get a free, darkly humorous short story.

I’ll type at you again soon!!




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