Hello Bloglandia,

Okay, yes, we’re already over a week into March, and I’m already chin deep into March’s to-read list, so this February Top Reads is a little late.

But book recommendations don’t care what the calendar says, do they?

Actually, I don’t think they care about much or anything. Lucky bastards.

Anyway, onto my favorite books finds for February….

Good Intentions, Ha!

So, I started off February ready to make a huge dent in my to-read list.

Well, the dent ended up being more of a minor ding because when it comes to books, I’m about as easily distracted as a high-strung parakeet.

See, a few months back, I found a copy of The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket in one of my neighborhood’s Little Free Libraries and added it to my to-read list.

Unfortunately, I read it last month.

And loved it.

And quickly consumed three more books in the series (The Series of Unfortunate Events) over the month.


Anyway, in addition to these fun little tomes, I made my way through eight other books…five of which were on 2022’s monstrous to-read list, a couple that I stumbled upon while sifting through my library’s audiobook listings (always dangerous), and one that my husband knew I’d love (because of the icepicks).

Here are the three really stood out this month…

The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket – As mentioned above, this was so much fun, I ended up reading three more in the series.

The stories are fairly simple and formulaic, but the subtle humor, the overall charm, and the pull-no-punches plots make for a great combination.

An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good by Helene Tursten – Moving about as far away from the kiddie books above as possible, is this very dark little gem from Sweden.

It’s a unique read for anyone with a dark sense of humor and an appreciation of clever old ladies!

I picked this up thinking it would be some rollicking adventure of an old lady. Like a female version of the 100 Year Old Man.

I could not have been more wrong and it was an utter delight… an utterly disturbing delight.

Maud is 88/89 and she has a habit of solving problems. In the most final way possible.

A neighbor trying to horn in on her spacious apartment? A wife-abusing man? A gold digger after her old flame? Maud would like you to say goodbye to them.

After all, who’s going to suspect the little old lady?

The Icepick Surgeon by Sam Kean (non-fiction) – I’m the sort of person who just LOVES those weird museums full of medical history (such as London’s Hunterian Museum).

I mean the gorier the procedure, the more cringe-y the instruments, the more I want to know about it.

Well, this book is like one of those museums.

Full of the bizarre, disturbing, and yes, gory things scientists and doctors have done in the name of medicine, research, and the pursuit of knowledge, my husband knew it was right up my warped alley.

I have to admit that some of the essays aren’t terribly interesting and I did skip over a few, but enough of them grabbed my attention (like the doctor who “invented” his own version of the lobotomy…using an icepick) to earn this a spot in the top three for the month.

Have you read any of these? What did you think? Or, what book is keeping you entertained lately?

Have a great week, and I will type at you again soon!!



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  1. There are two of the books you mentioned I for sure want to read, the old lady one and the ice pick lobotomy,
    sounds like two totally types of reading interest.i


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