Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Just a quick pop into Bloglandia for me today to share some recent praise thrown at my new book Hoard It All Before.

I was a little nervous about this review because Mr. Pongratz rarely holds back when a book doesn’t work, when the characters are dull, or when the plot is a non-sensical pile of dragon poo.

Luckily, Duncan and the other quirky characters passed inspection. The review follows, so please check it out!

Hello acrobats and trapeze artists! How’s life treating you? Good I hope!

I’m recovering well from my surgery and should be back to normal at some point next week. Yay, progress!

Also, grad school started so it’s been a real juggling act with work, school, and leisure reading, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.…

continue reading at…Book Review: Hoard It All Before — Jonathan Pongratz

10 thoughts on “(REPOST) Book Review: Hoard It All Before — Jonathan Pongratz

  1. Hey there!

    Glad you liked my review that much! Hoard it all Before really was quite the adventure, and I can’t wait to see some more circus shenanigans! 🙂


    1. Unfortunately, I can’t remember anything from going to the circus as a kid, except the trapeze. I’m going to need to watch some old Barnum & Bailey videos to keep coming up with new acts : )


      1. Yeah, I don’t remember anything about the circus, but I did go to rodeos when I was a teenager. Those were really funny, with the bulls charging the clowns and they’d scramble into their barrels for protection. Circus light perhaps?

        Ooo great idea. I’m gonna look up some videos too!


      2. She also emulates Dolly Parton a little bit, so she could even have a look inspired by that especially with some big blonde hair! Are cowboys allowed in this universe?


      3. OMG I was wondering if anyone would pick up the Dolly Parton connection! The wigs, the make up, the glittery clothes, the love of the limelight. You can almost picture her being a little, um, “top heavy”, can’t you?


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