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They’re like puppies and kittens…you just can’t resist them.


They’re like potato chips…one just won’t do.

Which could also be said for puppies and kittens, but then we start needing to have discussions about animal hoarding, and I’m not prepared to go there this early in the morning.


Just a quick post this week to share with you some amazing book deals that will expire at the end of the month (and a bit sooner in one case).

These are all books by indie authors and these collections are a great way to visit new worlds, meet new characters, and perhaps discover your next favorite writer.

So, please do give them a little gander…it really does make a difference (and no, I’m not getting paid for any of this)

Happy browsing, and if a book tries to grab onto you, don’t resist!!!

First up…99c Sci-Fi & Fantasy Deals

There’s not too many books on offer from Book Bonanza this month, but what’s there looks pretty darn tempting.

Just click the image to see the deals.


Get Tempted by Cozies

This bundle is for all you armchair detectives out there who just love a good mystery.

I’m ready to solve some crimes! Take me to the mysteries!


A Wild Array of Genres!

This first collection contains loads of genres from general fiction to fantasy, and mysteries to romance.

Yep, my e-reader says it’s hungry. Let’s fill it up with good stuff!


One More 99c Temptation…

If you don’t find anything in those bundles to tickle your fancy, I’m running a 99c sale this month on Domna: The Complete Series on most retailers.

In case you’re not familiar with Domna, it’s a historical fantasy that one reader described as having “So much political intrigue, betrayal and backstabbing that I just HAD to keep on reading.”

If you’ve got a spare 99c and would like to get your copy, just use that link below, then select your favorite retailer.

Take me to the 99c intrigue!


That’s it, everyone. Have fun browsing and let me know if you find any irresistible goodies!



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