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Yep, I’m back.

Hey, I warned you launch week for Hoard It All Before was going to be full of posting madness.

And in case you missed that warning, you can always check out Part One of the Release Party.

Still, I’ve got all the important bits from yesterday below, so don’t worry too much about playing catch up.

After all, there’s a party to get to.

And it involves….swear words!

Ready for Some Swearing?

Although Hoard It All Before is a mostly clean cozy mystery, there is a dead body, a chain-smoking unicorn, a wine-guzzling dragon….and plenty of cursing.

In fact, I had a gob of fun inventing curses that would fit into the world of a circus full of mythical beasts.

Maybe too much fun…I don’t get out much.

Anyway, here’s just a few curses from the book, and I encourage you to use them in your own life as much as you need.

Which could be a lot given the current political climate.


Ready to Continue Your Education?

Well, my eager little students of the swear, that’s it for the free education.

There’s plenty more curses, but if you want your lessons to continue, you’ll just have to grab a copy of Hoard It All Before.

(And if you’re not quite sure if you’re ready to bring a dragon into your life, you’ll find a few reader reviews, a link to a sample chapter, and the book’s description just a bit further down.)

Hoard It All Before can now be found…

On a budget?

You can always read Hoard It All Before for free if you simply ask your local library to purchase a copy — either in ebook or paperback format.

Don’t be shy about this.

Most libraries LOVE keeping their patrons happy and it’s a great way to help Duncan spread his wings.

Want to support your local bookstores?

You can do exactly that by popping in and requesting a paperback directly or by zipping on over to Hoard’s page on Bookshop.org and local bookstores will get a nice little portion of the sale.

(I’ll share a bit more on this as soon as the Book Launch madness is over with.)



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What readers are saying about Hoard It All Before

“I loved it.”

“Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down…it was that good!”

“Light and fanciful with a darn good mystery woven in. What fun!”

“…put together with a great plot and humor to keep you entertained.”

“An enjoyable read…the dragon, Duncan…is such a quirky character.”

About the Book

If you like fantastical mysteries that mix in laughs with murderous mayhem and mythical beasts, you’ll love Hoard It All Before!

Like any traveling circus, Zin’s has hair-raising acts and fried food on sticks.

But it’s also got an aura-spotting centaur, a chain-smoking unicorn, and an omelet-addicted dragon.

Oh, and a body in the center ring.

Duncan — aka “Brutus Fangwrath, Deadliest Dragon in the West” — wakes one morning to find his best friend isn’t just sleeping off a hangover. He’s been murdered.

Suspicion for the crime quickly turns to the circus’s new hire, Cordelia Quinn. After all, she’s got motive, she got means, and she’s got loads of circumstantial evidence stacked against her.

When it looks like no one else is going to step in to help Cordelia, it’s up to Duncan to unravel the case, prove Cordelia’s innocence, and uncover a troubling secret along the way.

As soon as he’s done with his omelet, that is.

Set in a 1930s that’s just a tad different than what you’re used to, Hoard it all Before is the start of a delightfully humorous mystery series with plenty of tantalizing twists, a troupe of quirky characters, and death-defying feats both in and beyond the big top.

Get your copy from your favorite retailer today at Books2Read.com/HoardItAllBefore

Want a Sample?

You can try out the first chapter by popping over to THIS POST.

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