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So, one of the bits of advice for authors is to review stories that match the books we write.

Well, I’m all about reading and reviewing, but I can rarely find books that match my stories’ twisting and weaving of mythical creatures into improbable situations (such as working in a circus) and especially ones that do so with near overdoses of wry humor.

That was until a couple weeks ago when I listened to a podcast on my run.

My very wet run, mind you, because Mother Nature decided to go all incontinent and opened the flood gates the minute I started my little trot.

Which meant I really needed some good distraction from my sodden shirt and my loathing of changeable winter weather.

Luckily, a recent episode of The Stranger Times podcast provided so much hilarious distraction I stopped cursing the rain and nearly forgot to be miserable as I jogged up and down block after block.


I mean, there’s only so much a podcast can do.

About The Stranger Times

The Stranger Times is a novel by C.K. McDonnell who is the not-so cleverly disguised alter ego of Irish author Caimh McDonnell.

Caimh writes humorous thrillers. C.K writes humorous fantastical mysteries.

And The Stranger Times is indeed humorous, but this isn’t a review about that book (which I do highly recommend).

It’s about the latest episode of the podcast, which is a spin-off of the book and which delivers humorous, fantastical, and quirky short stories every…well, when McDonnell gets around to it.

The Latest Episode: Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast starts off with a hairdresser, Jackie, whose husband has cheated on her and then screwed her out of her mobile hairdressing business.

Jackie’s not doing well financially or emotionally until one day her friend Yvonne suggests a little opportunity.

After a little misunderstanding, Jackie accepts, primarily out of curiosity, and Yvonne hands her a wad of money and says to buy a lot of waxing strips. A LOT of waxing strips.

Jackie meets her new client (possibly a werewolf?) who needs all her fur waxed off for a big do she’s going to.

Passing this tryout gig, Jackie soon finds herself as mobile beautician to a wide variety of strange, mythical creatures, including a centaur who’s not so gallant at first, but turns out to be quite the fellow.

All is going great for Jackie, when her ex discovers her success and is angry she’s no longer moping over him.

His revenge is not pretty. But hers just might be.

A Quick Review of Beauty and the Beast

I’ve listened to a few episodes of The Stranger Times podcast, but this was beyond my favorite so far.

Obviously, or I wouldn’t bother to tell you about it.

That’s not to say the other episodes weren’t brilliant, but this one was a super special little gem.

Plus, it’s got centaurs. Who doesn’t love a story with a centaur?

Besides the centaurs….The self-deprecating, yet no-nonsense voice of Jackie is spot on, even in such short space the characters are well thought out and very relatable, the overall story works amazingly well, and It’s got wonderful chunks of humor.

And centaurs. Just saying.

Anyway, the episode is just under 40 minutes, it’s completely free, and is an absolute delight, so do give it a listen if you get a chance.

You can find the episode HERE or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Have a great rest of the week, everyone!!! And if you do listen to the episode, be sure to pop back by and let me know how you liked it!



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