Happy (Slightly Belated) New Year Bloglandia!!

Well, we’ve made it around the sun yet again.

Hopefully you’ve all gotten over your celebratory hangovers and are eagerly waiting to see what 2022 brings.

And if, after the past couple years, you’re feeling a little gun shy about stepping into 2022, too bad…It’s here and we can’t escape it.

Or maybe we can, because, well, you know BOOKS!

Books are one of the best legally-allowed escapes from reality out there, and not only have I got some I’m already looking forward to reading this year (more on that below), but I’ll also be releasing a few of my own silly tales to give you a place to go when the real world gets to be a tad too much.

Planning the Escape…or Not

I don’t normally do so, but at the very end of 2021,I jotted down about fifty books I hope to read in 2022, which sounds super organized.

It’s not.

It’s actually because I’ve got so many books lingering on my Kindle, my Kobo app, and my Library Wish List that I sometimes get that I’m-so-overwhelmed-with-choice-I’m-not-going-to-decide-anything and then end up selecting something entirely new from the library.

And I know that even though I’m now armed with my I’m Damn Well Going To Read These Books list, I probably won’t stick to it.

Because I know myself. I know how easily I’m swayed by all those lovely lovely pages with yummy stories to tell.

Even my most modest reading plans typically get sidelined by irresistible new releases, tempting treats at the library, and enticing discoveries in my daily emails from Bookbub (that much enticement should be illegal).

The Plans, So Far…

Some of my plan-to-read books include…

  • A Charming Man (the second in CK McDonnell’s hilarious Stranger Times series)
  • McDonnell’s Dublin Trilogy (since it’s been lingering on my Kindle for a couple years now)
  • Vaseem Khan’s Malabar House series
  • Granny’s Got a Gun by Harper Lin (which seems right up my reading alley)
  • The Final Girl Support Group by Grady Hendrix (and a few others by this horror-comedy king)
  • The History of Wild Places and Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, which were recently recommended to me
  • The Inspector Hobbes series by Wilkie Martin
  • And plenty of other funny fantasies, silly mysteries, adventurous sci-fi, and spectacular historical fiction begging for my attention.

But like I said, I’m easily distracted by other tomes, other tales will wander my way, and I’ll probably only get to about a third of my “intended” books.

Ah well, there’s worse problems to have, right?

What about you, do you create a reading list, or are you more of a come-what-may reader? Either way, are there any books you’re looking forward to this year?

Looking for Something New??

Now, if you haven’t quite organized your reading for 2022, or if you just want to discover something new, then please do check out the 99c sale I’m having and the two collections below.

The collections are both chockfull of books by indie authors. Some are brand new, some will be brand new to you, but both bundles are full of some great-looking stuff….that I’m really trying to resist.

But, as the alien overlords say, resistance is futile. Enjoy!


This first collection contains loads of genres from general fiction to fantasy, and mysteries to romance.

Yep, my e-reader says it’s hungry. Let’s fill it up with good stuff!


And this bundle is for all you armchair detectives out there who just love a good mystery.

I’m ready to solve some crimes! Take me to the mysteries!


If you don’t find anything in those bundles to tickle your fancy, I’m running a 99c sale this month on Domna: The Complete Series on most retailers.

In case you’re not familiar with Domna, it’s a historical fantasy that one reader described as having “So much political intrigue, betrayal and backstabbing that I just HAD to keep on reading.”

If you’ve got a spare 99c and would like to get your copy, just use that link below, then select your favorite retailer.

I could use some 99c intrigue!




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5 thoughts on “Escape Plans for 2022

  1. A list of fifty books? Aack! I admire that, but I could never do it. I would veer and then I’d be so stressed out because I didn’t get the list done. I know only twelve of the books I will read this year for sure because I am committed to a book club. And then I have lists from authors I know that I will work in steadily through the year, people I owe reviews to (okay, that one is a for sure, too. I promise I WILL get it done), and I have a vague notion that I will pick up a few can’t miss bestsellers along the way so that I have something to talk about with all the other crazy book people out there. The rest will have to remain fluid. Happy New Year!


    1. Yeah, like I said, I’ll probably get distracted from that list (you know, like within a week), but I just had SO many books piling up on my Kindle that I keep forgetting about, I figured if I made a list, I might actually remember to read them.

      This is the problem with ebooks, they’re too easy to ignore, unlike the paperbacks staring me in the face every time I look at the bookshelf. Also, probably about a third of those fifty will be audiobooks, so that makes it easy (reading during chore and exercise is the best!).

      And you know, I might start some of these books and ditch them pretty quickly if they don’t grab me in the first few chapters.

      See, I’m whipping through my list already!!

      This doesn’t mean I don’t have time to read and review your book if you still wanted me to : )


  2. I used to make detailed book reading schedules on my calendars back in high school. Got through a lot of classics that way. Nowadays I basically try to do 100 pages a week, with a certain number per day. I think I’ll read a certain book next, and then a new one comes out that I’ve gotta read.


    1. I mainly made the list because of all the ebooks I lose track of and really need to get to. But we’ll see how it goes, I’m certainly not going to beat myself up if I don’t read them all, I just wanted a reminder somewhere of what I have.

      I used to do page goals, something like 50 pages a day, but that was back when I was commuting by bus to work every day and had about 90 minutes to kill (and needed a good way to ignore the other passengers!).

      And yes, I’m sure new releases will quickly sway me from my plans : )

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