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Well, that’s it, I’ve completely lost it. I knew the strain of writing would get to me one day. And I’ve dragged Mr Husband down the road of lunacy with me.

So what have I done? In what way am I proving that the men in white coats might be coming for me any minute?

Booked a trip to France.

And I did so two days after they announced the new Omicron variant.

(Side note, if the scientists are trying to keep the crazies from claiming this COVID thing is a sci-fi conspiracy, maybe they should NOT give it names that sound very much like a sci-fi conspiracy theory. Just saying).

Because what says, “Yes, I understand the pandemic is getting worse” than booking a trip to Europe?

But I couldn’t help it. The pull was too strong. I have simply GOT to get out of this country for a bit.

France was the last place Mr Husband and I visited before our spiky little friend rudely barged into our play group. Things did not go well that trip (we got stranded when heavy rain washed out the rail lines), but we still had a great time.

And we’ve been eager to get back ever since….namely for the boulangeries (what can I say).

Since the pandemic we’ve traveled no further than two hours from home. And that only a few times. This is after about ten years of taking a big vacation every year…sometimes two.

Travel is the only thing we “waste” money on. We don’t have any form of subscription TV (yes, what TV we do watch is via an antenna), we don’t have expensive hobbies, we use our digital coupons, we stick to a budget, and I hate clothes shopping with a passion.

So basically, COVID stole our only outside form of entertainment. Spiky little jerk.

But ever since the start of the pandemic, I’ve been dreaming. I think I’ve checked out nearly every travel guidebook from the library and have planned all manner of itineraries from Sicily to Scandanavia.

But it was France that kept calling (in a French accent, obviously).

So, in a fit of are-we-really-going-to-do-this, I started scouring the airlines for the best connections (PDX has lost a lot of flight routes, let me tell you), I honed down some affordable dates, and we booked tickets for next April.

Which seems both very soon, and very far off (although my bag has been packed and ready to go for two years).

And let me just say, we are not disregarding the pandemic. We take this thing seriously, wear our masks, and scrub our hands. We’re vaccinated, boosted, and we plan our outings when places are the least crowded.

But we also believe our caution means we’ll be smart travelers, travelers France might welcome, not jackasses who think public health is “inconvenient” and its rules are all part of that sci-fi conspiracy.

Will we make it? Will they close borders again? Will we be able to figure out the testing regulations?

Who knows.

All I know is there’s a Chausson aux Pommes calling my name from a tempting boulangerie on a narrow rue in a charming ville and I’ve got to get to that tasty treat!

What about you? Ready to travel? Have you already made the leap for international journeys? What crazy things have you been up to lately?

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16 thoughts on “We’ve Gone and Done Something Crazy

      1. We are going with a travel company to Northern Ireland – starting in Belfast to the Giant’s Causeway and on to Donegal.


      2. Oh nice! We had planned on going to Donegal when we went last time, but ended up wanting to spend more time on the Aran Islands (which was GREAT). Fingers crossed that these trips happen!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Wow – that’s exciting, Tammie! I think it’s okay to travel. A family member recently traveled to France and followed all the protocols including testing and it was fine. Hope you have a great trip!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Wouldn’t that be so awesome? I’ve got this fantasy about moving to Canada once I get my master’s all sorted out, but there’s no actual plan behind it at the moment.

        Yay, guest room for Jonny! 😀


      2. Ooh, Canada is tough to get into for us poor schmucks, but with a graduate degree, you’ll have extra points. Then you can issue library books to polar bears : )


      3. Yeah it sounds like quite the hurdle but it may be worth it if this country keeps steering in its current trajectory. I’d love to visit sometime next year if at all possible.

        Truth, I can get to know what polar bears like to read! 😀


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