Hello Voters of Bloglandia!

Don’t worry, I pinky swear that this is NOT going to get political.

Now that you’ve just breathed a sigh of relief, let’s get to this super quick post….

The Big News

Holy gargoyles, everyone! Kobo has selected my silly little book The Undead Mr Tenpenny as a semi-finalist in their annual cover competition!

(Cue spasmodically excited screaming)

Sure, the only prize is bragging rights, but I LOVE a big old batch of new bragging rights.

And you know what? (No, not chicken butt). YOU can help me get that big ol’ heaping helping of bragging rights.

Democracy (and my ego) Needs You

All you need to do is head over to THIS LINK over on the Kobo Writing Life blog then vote for Mr. Tenpenny** !!

The polls close 17 December, so don’t dilly dally with those precious voting rights.

Democracy Bonus Points?

Also, if you wanted to share that voting link with one other person (and maybe “influence” their vote…hint hint), that would be super spectacular with six scoops of awesome sauce!

Thanks, everyone!!! Now go vote your little hearts out…wait, no, don’t do that, it could get very messy and I guess you need your heart inside your chest for little things like circulation and whatnot.

**Okay, you can vote for one of the other covers if you like, but c’mon…it’s Mr. T : )



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