Happy Hump Day Bloglandia!

It’s just a mini-post today to send you a very quick message to let you know about the 99c sale on The Undead Mr Tenpenny that’s happening this week.

After all, you never know when the dead might come back to life, and while this book wasn’t written to guide you through the Zombie Apocalypse, it probably couldn’t hurt to brush up on your undead etiquette.

Quite the Bargain (if I do say so myself)

The book is normally $3.99 (USD), so this really is quite the bargain on the first book of my Cassie Black Trilogy that’s “suffused with dark humor and witty dialogue,” according to one reviewer (who I did not bribe, by the way…well, not much).

The sale is taking place on most retailers, and the 99c price should be available in the UK, Australia, EU, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA.

I say “should be” because you never know what tricks the computer gremlins are going to get up to between the time of me changing the price and you getting this email.

There’s also sale prices in other currencies this week, but I might drive myself batty (battier?) trying to list them all.

Anyway, through the magic of the Interwebs, that big old link below will whisk you away to a page where you can select from your favorite ebook retailer and grab yourself a copy of the book.

Take me to The Undead Mr Tenpenny 99c sale!


What? You Already Have a Copy of The Undead Mr Tenpenny?

First up, thank you for buying my book!

Second, I don’t want to leave your reading list high and dry, and I’d hate for you not to enjoy a bargain or two like all the other kids.

That’s why I’m going to encourage you to procrastinate a bit and browse through the 100+ books in this amazing Fall Into Fantasy collection.

And just so you know, while the books are all fantasy, they aren’t all necessarily about falling. Because that would just be weird.

Anyway…every book in the bundle should be (there’s that “should be” again) free or 99c. I’ve already found myself unable to resist a couple of them!

My reading list isn’t long enough, take me to the freebie & 99c books!!

That’s It…for now

See, I told you this would be quick. Happy book shopping and browsing, and I’ll chat at you soon.




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