Hello Book Lovers of Bloglandia!!

Just a quick post to make sure you’re all set with reading material for the weekend, especially if you’re in the US, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.

But don’t worry, there’s something for you no matter where you are because I believe EVERYONE across the globe should spend more time reading.

For My Aussie & Kiwi Book Nerds

The fine folks at Kobo are running a 500 for Under $5 sale…and they asked me to join in!

The book they selected for the promo is the second box set of my Osteria Chronicles series. This set includes The Bonds of Osteria (my favorite of the series), The Battle of Ares (third favorite), and The Return of Odysseus (second favorite).

And it’s only $3.99 (AUD/NZD)…which is over half off the regular retail price. If you’re ready to see the myths of Ancient Greece come to life as never before, just use the links below to pop on over to Kobo.

Oh, and if you’re looking for the first box set (with The Trials of Hercules, The Voyage of Heroes, and The Maze of Minos), you can find it HERE.


For Book Fiends in the US or Canada, Here’s Your Deal…

So Kobo has been especially generous with me and also asked me to join in another 500 Under $5 sale…this one geared toward the Americans and Canadians.

And the book they opted to include in this promo? My fan favorite The Undead Mr. Tenpenny! And it’s only 99c

If you want to spend the weekend laughing at some snarky humor, meeting some quirky characters, solving a little mystery, and seeing what happens when the clients of a funeral home take on an undead life of their own, just use the links below to zip on over to Kobo.


*Note: Both these Kobo sales only last until Monday, so hurry up if you want to nab those deals.


For the Rest of the World…

If you’re looking for some fantasy filled escapes, I’ve got you covered. Get it? Covered. Books? Sorry….

Anyway, these bundles contain loads of great stories that are available all month long, so don’t be shy about coming back and browsing again and again!

Settle into fall reading with these bundles! 

Step into dozens of fantastic new worlds   with this fabulous group of books…

Looking for some witch-y word wonders? The bundle below has just what you need…

What are you reading this weekend? Share your finds in a comment below and have a great weekend!!!



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