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First up, let me just say I am in no way making light of the situation in the Southeast US where loads of people are having a terrible time with Hurricane Ida. Anyone going through that loss, putting up with the aftermath, and having to deal with insurance and clean up is a serious trooper!!

But let me just say, in my reading world, August was a stormy month of ups, downs, all arounds, and a lot of frustration.

I think sometimes all readers must go through these times of just seeming to have terrible luck hitting dud after dud. And I hate wasting my reading time on books that make me go, “Meh.”

Or maybe it’s not the books, maybe we’re just not in the right frame of mind for THAT book at THAT time…in which case I feel sorry for the authors who get stuck in the middle of these reader mood swings.

Whatever the reason, I found myself tangled in a string of really disappointing books at the beginning of August. Terrible storytelling, dull characters, non-sensical or just plain ridiculous (and not in a good way) plots, or just plain old awful writing.

Was I cursed? After a treasure trove of terrific books in June and July, had I suddenly upset the book gods? Would I ever find a great book again (hell, even a mediocre book would have pleased me at this point)?

Then, the stormy reading skies cleared and things turned bright and sunny toward the middle of the month.

I found a couple books thanks to BookFunnel’s new author swaps features (you’ll find those below, please do check them out), a book I’d been waiting for for months finally came in from the library, and an audiobook from the library finally got me to “read” a book by an indie author I’ve been curious to try out for some time.

All in all, August came in stormy, but ended pleasantly perfect…in my reading world that is. As I said, Louisiana is a whole other story.

A New Toy for Book Nerds!!!

Normally, this is where I spend a gob of time listing all and providing covers for most of the books I read this month.

I’m going to tell you right now, that is f@&%ing time consuming and I dread doing it. Especially as I think only two people read this blog anymore (seriously, i don’t know why I still bother…stubborn, I guess).

But squeeeee! I found a new book-nerd toy to help out!!! Well, it’s actually been around a while, I’ve just never played with it until last weekend.

It’s from Books2Read (the fine folks who make my universal book links, and if you don’t know what that it, don’t hesitate to ask), and it’s called Reading Lists.

Okay, yes, I know, that’s a boring name, but don’t let the name fool you. Reading Lists is a fun way for me to share my favorite reads for the month with you…and the not-so favorite ones too.

Anyway, if you’re not interested in my new goodie, I’ve listed my top reads for August below, but if you want to check out my new toy where I list my favorites, my indie picks of the month, and a few of the many duds I encountered, please pop on over to my…

August Reading Recommendations at https://books2read.com/rl/TammiePainterReads1

My Top Reads from August

  • Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir – This was a big book, but I blazed right through it. The science might be a bit heavy for some, but Weir pulled this physics nerd right in with some excellent story telling (even if his dialogue is a bit horrid at times). Of course you do have to suspend belief quite a bit as every government in the world bands together to solve a global crisis, but hey, one can dream, right?
  • An Extravagant Death by Charles Finch – I’ve never come across one of Finch’s Lenox Mysteries that I didn’t like, and this was no exception. The murderer seemed pretty obvious in this historical mystery, but I still enjoyed watching it all play out.
  • Sinister Magic by Lindsay Buroker – This is another Indie Pick for August. I’ve never read anything by Lindsay but have wanted to for ages. When I found this audiobook at my library, I nabbed it and couldn’t stop listening. It’s urban fantasy with loads of magical creatures and a wonderfully twisty turvy storyline!

And don’t forget these two fabulously funny indie gems….

#1 is Funny Fiction from Down Under…

Blokes in the House by John Martin

John is a humorous fiction writer who hails from the land down under (Canberra, to be exact). He swears he’s never wrestled a Tasmanian Tiger, although his bumbling characters often have “interactions” with the wily beast.

Blokes in the House is the 5th book in his Windy Mountain series, but each book can be read as a stand alone (and I do believe Book 1 is free if you want to start from the beginning).

About the book…

Former mayor James Northan, 82, isn’t on speaking terms with the former town drunk, who’s 83, and one of his former council employees, who is 85.

So when they’re forced to isolate in a small house together for three months to stay safe from the pandemic, there is bound to be friction.

But while James resigns himself to a future of face masks, hand-sanitiser and a life of much less luxury than he is used to in the company of two buffoons he didn’t even want to see again, he gets some very unpleasant surprises.

If you enjoyed the antics of the 100-Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window, the wry humor of Caimh McDonnell, or if you just really need a good laugh, DO NOT hesitate to pop on over to your favorite ebook retailer and nab yourself a copy of John’s book.

Even better? The book is FREE at some retailers and only 99c at others!! Which is way cheaper than one of those weird ab workout thingies.

Laugh Factory #2 is Tales from a Roundabout by Jeff Stanger

This series of short stories centers on a giggle-worthy cluster of quirky characters. Fans of Tim Dorsey and Carl Hiassen will enjoy this hilarious collection that’s only 99c on most major retailers.

About the Book: City Council banned a gentlemen’s club from opening within the city’s borders. Now, the club owner is out for revenge and he’s planned an outrageous spectacle in the center of one of the city’s most visible roundabouts.

The over-the-top display pits the club owner and mayor in a battle with ever-increasing stakes, outrageousness, and embarrassing attempts to impress a dancer twice their ages. And lurking in the traffic-sign-filled shadows is a city council member with a score to settle.

Have you read any of these? What did you think? Which books did you love this month? Or…maybe tell me which ones you hated so I can avoid them! 



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