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Bit of an odd (in a weird way) title there, but it was also an odd (in a funny way) phone call when that line was spoken.

A little background about parental support regarding my creative endeavors first.

My mom has always been super supportive of my writing without being shy to say, “This sentence/paragraph/chapter makes no sense whatsoever.”

My dad hasn’t always shown the same enthusiasm. That’s not to say he’s criticized or ridiculed my writing life, not in any way, but you know, it hasn’t been a Mom Level of support (which I think is a tier on Patreon, isn’t it?).

However, that lack of enthusiasm all changed last year when my dad agreed to be part of my review team.

This has nothing to do with anything in this post, but it is funny…

Okay, yes, a parent on a review team isn’t exactly an unbiased reader, and going into it I knew he wouldn’t be posting his review anywhere. But it was still nice that he wanted to be among the first to read The Undead Mr. Tenpenny.

Which he did (after many moments of wanting to tear my hair out as he tried to get the book onto his e-reader).

And he loved it.

Now, keep in mind, my dad LOVES to read, he’s very picky about what he reads, and he isn’t shy about sharing his opinion about books that suck.

So for him to like the book made my little author heart sing. As did all the other amazing reviews from my “real” review team.

He liked it enough not only to buy his own copy, but he also bought it and the rest of the trilogy for several other people he knows….many of whom were surprised to realize I had a sense of humor just as wry as my dad’s.

Just not the same email….

One day a few weeks ago my dad calls me. I answer and he says with a heap of enthusiasm, “DID YOU GET THE EMAIL?!”

“Uh, what email?”

“The email from Amazon. Right at the top, it’s your book…”

He then proceeded to read me the tagline of The Undead Mr Tenpenny (as if I was unfamiliar with it) and was super excited that the cover was right there front and center, and that Amazon had (apparently) selected my book as a top read.

It was really cute and you could really hear how excited he was.

So of course I had to break the bad news to him.

See, despite his having worked with computers and IT for his entire career, my dad retired before we were all subject to the whims of The Algorithm.

He also didn’t realize Amazon tailors emails based on things you’ve bought in the past and that not every Amazon customer was receiving that same email he was gushing over (I wish).

Once I told him about this he said, “Damn it, I was hoping you’d hit the big time.”

Yeah, dad, you and me both.

Slick Segue into Book Bargains

Now, while I may not have hit the big time, I have been accepted into a fabulous book promotion put together by the equally fabulous sci-fi author Jay Toney.

All the books in Jay’s promo, that runs now through August, are priced to 99c to 4.99.

And yes, The Undead Mr Tenpenny (you know, that Amazon superstar…haha) is amongst the bunch AND as part of the promotion is only 99c (in the US, UK, Canada, EU, Australia, and New Zealand).

So if you’ve been holding out on getting your copy, dig deep into those couch cushions, break open your piggy bank, or just roam a parking lot for some dropped change.

If you’re only interested in getting the Mr. Tenpenny deal, you can get your copy HERE.

But I encourage you to check out the promo below…Jay’s put together a great collection of books for you.

Just remember, taking a minute to check out what’s on offer in each of these bundles is a HUGE support for me and all the other hard-working indie authors.

Even if you don’t buy a thing.

No really.

So browse around, see what’s on offer, and who knows, you might just discover something or someone new!

What about you? Crushing anyone’s excitement lately?

Have a great week, everyone!!


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