Hello Humor-Seeking Humans!

It book review time, and I know I’m a bit early for my monthly reading round up (the official one is coming next week), but I’m also a bit late with this review as I read the book way back in early May. Yes, it’s a bit of time paradox!

Anyway, A Melee of Mages is another fabulous book in the humorous-fantasy-mystery Gobbelino London series by Kim M. Watt and it’s even more fabulous because for a limited time it’s only 99c on most retailers. I’m not entirely sure how long that sale will last, so I’d suggest jumping on it right now.

Well, maybe read the review first, then get to jumping!

Now, while I may have lured you into my main blog, pick up your drinks and come along with me because we’re going to continue this post over on my Payhip blog. It’s a bit of me showing off my newly-revamped bookstore once again, but I like to think of it as a block party but without the weird neighbor hitting on you.

If you’re ready, then just click the image below!


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