Hello Bloglandia!

How’s your June going? Any plans for summer (or for winter, if you’re on the upside-down part of the globe)?

My June, so far, has been going swimmingly…and not just because we FINALLY got some rain here in Portland.

See, I kind of, sort of wrote a book. Okay, a first draft of a book, but still.

And I know, you’re thinking, “You’re a writer. It’s your job to write books, so why is this blog-worthy news?”

Well, Captain Attitude, it’s blog-worthy news because I did a lot of experimenting with this draft, including jumping right in without an outline, which was very scary for someone who has always considered herself a die-hard plotter.

And for those non-writers out there, a little terminology explanation might be in order. A “Plotter” is a writer who sits down and outlines most (maybe all) aspects of a book before ever writing a single page.

A “Pantser” on the other hand, is a writer who jumps in with an idea for a book and just starts slinging words like a madman (or madwoman, or crazed were-beast, who knows).

I cover the experiments, the results, and just the overall excitement of being back in the writing game after a pretty odd couple of months in the video below, so please do give it a watch (and you know, maybe subscribe to my YouTube channel while you’re over there).

I cover this in the video (I think) but I have to say I was a little nervous about trying to write a book without any sort of outline. I don’t do highly detailed outlines, but I still try to cover each plot point and use that as a writing prompt when I sit down to write each day.

I worried that without those “writing prompts” I would be completely stuck every day and have to bang my head against the wall to force out the creative pulp. But then again, I feel that way even when I do have an outline. At least I’m consistent in my neuroses, right?

There were two days (out of the 14 it took me to write this draft) where the words were a little slow to start flowing, but even then, it was only a brief blip at the start of the writing session.

The other experiments I tried with this writing endeavor were to write to a word count goal each day and to write using the Pomodoro Method. Both worked amazingly, and I explain more about these two bits of mad scientist trials in the video.

I’ve already given away the ending, but yes, these experiments worked amazingly well! In two weeks I cranked out a first draft that, while not a finished product by any means, is just as fleshed out as my first drafts when I use an outline. And in a few cases this book’s draft is even more fleshed out than my outlined drafts. Seriously, it’s like a whole drawer of crazy, fleshy pants!

I meant to say this in the video, but the take away here is that even if you feel a writing (or any other creative exploit) method works for you, maybe try experimenting with other methods. You never know what you might accomplish!

Have a great week everyone, and be sure to check out the books on offer below…but watch my video first…and subscribe to my YouTube channel.


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12 thoughts on “Oh No! I’ve Become a Pantser.

  1. Congrats on this great development! Sometimes you just gotta blaze, and you did so swimmingly!

    Speaking of swimmingly, that’s pretty much all I’ve been doing lately, in a pool. Otherwise I’d be miserable. Not a summer person here!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I think all our pools are still closed here, but there’s always the river or just soaking myself under the hose. I hate being cold (which I usually am) so I don’t mind the higher temps for summer…unless it stays warm at night and I can’t sleep. My brain needs its sleepy time 😴😋😴


      1. Oh no! Well I hope you find a summery relaxation activity that works for you. Get a kiddie pool filled up and hop in lol!

        I agree completely. Has to be cool at night or I’m not gonna sleep well. Also its gross waking up sweaty. Ick!


  2. Grats, Tammie. 🙂 Welcome to the dark side. lol
    As a pantster hybrid myself [pants in the beginning, plot in the middle, pants at the end], I love the flow of words and ideas you [sometimes] get when you jump in at the deep end. Writing becomes a voyage of discovery, and that’s really exciting. Have fun and I hope you keep trying new things. 🙂


    1. Why thank you for the welcome : ) I was really surprised at how quickly the words flowed from my fingertips with this, and I think it helped that I was stopping most days while I still had ideas in my head (just couldn’t stand to be at the computer any longer!) then using those ideas as a jumping off point the next day.

      Today, I’ve just started the first read through and it’s not too horrible…haha!

      Don’t worry, I’m always trying new things…one day one of them will be the winner : )

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