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(Note: I also ramble on about this in my latest Video Update at about the 8:45 mark, if you’re interested in watching me get all giddy about shiny new things).

If you ever visited my Payhip Bookstore, you might remember it as looking a bit…well, hideous.

See, Payhip didn’t make it easy to arrange things on the store front or to make things look pretty.

Then one day an email from Payhip showed up, telling people they updated things and to try it out.

I did.

And holy blinking Twizzlers! The updates were SPOT ON!

It took a little (okay, A LOT of) fussing and self-teaching to get things just so and to my liking (Payhip weren’t big on instructions), but eventually I got my new store front put together, and I am going to say flat out, the store looks amazing!

It’s very clean and modern, it has some new features, and even has a blog (which I’m still mulling over what to do with).

Bloggy Bonus Discount, Coupon-y Thing

So now I’m going to encourage you to head over, browse the store, and to give it a whirl by picking out anything you like.

Then, when you check out, just enter NEWPAYHIP10 to get 10% off your new book or story.*


* That coupon code is good until 25 June 2021 : ) And (hint hint) if you were on my newsletter you would have gotten a HUGE discount offer, not just a measly 10%. If you don’t want to miss out on deals like that and the occasional fee story in the future, you really should sign up today.

And in case you’re wondering…

Why should you buy from me instead of a “real” store, here’s a little tidbit from the FAQs page on my shop….

Here’s the deal…money. Sorry to be so blunt, but there it is.

To be less blunt about it, shopping directly from an indie author like me is a great way to show your support and to keep more of your money going toward the author of a book, rather than to the retailer selling you that book.

When you purchase a book from me, I keep a fair percentage of what you spend (I have to pay a small fee to Payhip and Stripe/Paypal). I also get that money within a day or two of your purchase.

When you buy one of my books elsewhere, the retailer keeps anywhere from 35 to 70 percent of what you spend. I also don’t see a penny of that money until sixty days after your purchase.

So, like I said, shopping from me shows your support for my work more fully (and more quickly) than shopping elsewhere.


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Time to sprawl out in the sun (if it’s summer for you) or to cozy up (if it’s winter) with a good book! 

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    1. Thanks! Believe me when I say it was Horrible with a capital H. All the covers were different sizes, the background was icky, and there wasn’t anywhere to put extra info for customers.


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