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I don’t know what happened this month, but somehow my reading turned a bit, um, “meaty.”

Which is odd as I tend to stick to a mostly meat-free diet. But, while my mouth was munching away on legumes and lettuce, my mind was munching away on flesh. Human flesh. With a side of cat flesh (and since my cats are part of the family, that’s kind of cannibal-ly).

So let’s jump into my reading round-up for May, and the odd reading theme I accidentally found myself on.

Oh, and sorry, I know you’re SOOO disappointed but I didn’t get around to recording a video for this round-up. One’s coming soon, though (mwahahaha!!!)

First Course – A Little Arctic Appetizer

To start my tasty reading adventures, there was The Arctic Fury by Greer Macallister.

Although it started out a bit clunky, this ended up being an intriguing tale of Virginia Reeve who’s been hired by Lady Franklin to find her husband who went missing while on expedition in the Arctic. Lady Franklin stipulates that Virginia’s expedition team be made up of only women…many of whom don’t return.

Virginia has previously worked as a trail guide to lead people over the mountains and into California, and there’s this constant hint of The Very Bad Thing Virginia had to do that she’s done her best to keep secret.

It doesn’t take a super genius (SPOILER ALERT COMING) to figure out she’s been a member of the Donner Party and has made a snack of her companions. Nom Nom.

That’s not the focus of the book. The real focus is on why so many of the women Virginia took with her on her Arctic expedition didn’t return and what really happened up north.

Virginia’s on trial for supposedly murdering one of the party, and the author does a great job at stirring up your frustration level with the inept lawyers and lying witnesses, but doesn’t do such a great job at making Virginia an interesting character.

Still, even though Virginia falls a bit flat as a character, if you like courtroom drama combined with historical fiction, this is a great read.

Second Course – The Main Meal

Okay, I knew what Meat by Joseph D’Lacey was about when I picked it up, but holy human steaks, Batman! I don’t think I’ve ever read anything that made me cringe more than this book.

It’s billed as horror, but it’s more dystopian dark fantasy (very dark). It’s set some time in the future, the world outside where the story takes place is a wasteland and the only source of meat is people. They’re bred, raised, and treated just like cattle. There’s breeding bulls and dairy cows, and let me tell you, every time someone took a drink of milk in this book a little shudder ran through me.

And all this is being rationalized by the religion that’s been created to tell people it’s god’s will that some people be born as cattle (The Chosen) to feed the others. Which is just an excellent commentary on how those in charge can twist religion to achieve their own gains.

Anyway, as for the story, I couldn’t get enough of the first half of this book, then it got a bit dull. There are several story lines, and it does have a satisfying ending, but I felt the story lines I was most interested in got shoved aside at about the halfway point.

Still, that’s just me and the book does get amazing ratings, so if you want to get a gut-deep feel for a book, try this one out.

Third Course – A Little Dessert

Okay, okay, this one wasn’t exactly about cannibalism. But the potential was there.

A Melee of Mages is the fourth book in Kim M. Watt’s Gobbelino London series…I reviewed the first book, A Scourge of Pleasantries HERE. And believe me, this series is SO funny. I can’t recommend it enough if you like a hunk of humor with your paranormal crime solving.

In the book (SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD), a wizard’s gone missing (even though he should be dead) and some neighborhood cats are missing as well. When Gobbelino (who is a cat, by the way) gets captured, he and the other cats are convinced they’re going to be turned into a sacrificial meal to bring back a melee of evil mages.

Will Gobbelino escape? Will the cats be turned into feline filets? Will Gobbelino and Collum (his human buddy) ever find the missing wizard? It’s a great romp of reading fun as you ride along with this terrific story.

Doing Things Different This Time…and Maybe Next Time

So that’s my main reading round up. I’ve also listed the other books I read this month below, along with my indie picks for the month.

Since it was fun trying to find a link between what I read, I might try this again for future reading round-ups. You know, rather than simply throw a big list of books at you.

So now it’s up to you. Do you like this style of reading round-up? What did you enjoy reading this month? Find any “themes” in your own reading choices? Let me know in a comment below!!


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May’s Reading Round-Up

Indie Picks of the Month

  • A Melee of Mages by Kim M. Watt – If you haven’t started this series, do it today!! The first book is A Scourge of Pleasantries.
  • Jigsaw by Douglas Smith – A short read with a nice puzzle to sort out.


Graphic Novels

  • Naissance du Tigre – Meh. The story was interesting enough, but then it just ends. And I’m not talking about a cliffhanger here. It just ends.
  • Asterix le Gaulois – The first Asterix book. Even though Obelix is barely in it, it’s pretty darn funny.


I’ve been reading over several writing books as I prepare to start a new novel, but it’s been hit and miss as I just scan a few chapters here and there.


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  1. Now this has been a variety of different books you have reviewed here, I think I am going for the Melee of Mages, sounds rather quirky and if it has humor all the better.. think I will bypass on Meat, sounds a bit overboard for my reading library..
    thanks for your reviews always interesting..e

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    1. Melee was a good one, but you might want to at least start with book one, A Scourge of Pleasantries, so you understand who the main characters are.


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