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As promised on Tuesday, I’m back with another wonderful review for The Uncanny Raven Winston. This time from fellow author and book enthusiast Berthold Gambrel who hangs out over on The Ruined Chapel by Moonlight site, which is chockfull of book reviews, his own amazing stories, and a few writing quandaries to ponder.

Now, if you missed Tuesday’s post, where I shared another review for the book, don’t worry. This is the Interwebs, NOTHING disappears….except that file I can never seem to find. Anyway, if you missed the post and want to check it out, you can find it HERE.

As for the review (yes, I’m reviewing the review), I have to say, Berhtold keeps his cards pretty close to his chest because he’s struggling with not wanting to give too much away.

Believe me, I understand completely. One of the problems I had with writing the book descriptions for Books Two and Three of this trilogy was trying to describe the books (obviously) without revealing anything that would reveal what happened in the previous books.

So, I do really appreciate Berthold’s efforts and challenges with reviewing this second book in the series. I can’t imagine how he’s going to handle reviewing Book Three (if he does review it…he might just explode trying to hold in all those spoilers! Please don’t hurt yourself, Berthold.)

I also got a big grin over Nigel being Berthold’s favorite new character because he was mine too…and a character I never planned to have.

Since Cassie’s in the Tower of London, I wanted to have her befriend a Yeoman Warder at some point. I saw this as something where she might have one or two brief interactions, but really didn’t have any plans for the Yeoman Warder beyond that.

But then Nigel came around. And the scenes with Nigel ended up being the most fun to write. Sometimes side characters really do steal the show.

Anyway, enough babbling, on with the review!

As with Tuesday’s post, because WordPress is being an absolute wanker about letting me simply hit re-post, I’m going old school to share Berthold’s review with you by stealing a screen shot, a few teaser paragraphs, and a link so you can keep reading.

If you want to know more about the book, as well as where you can find it, just keep on scrolling.

Thanks to Berthold for the stellar review! I’ll be back tomorrow with a special announcement, and on Thursday, I’ll share that other review. Cheers, everyone!!

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Repost — The Ruined Chapel Book Review: The Uncanny Raven Winston

It’s always tough for me to review sequels. I don’t want to say too much about previous entries, for fear that someone who hasn’t read previous books will stumble upon the review and read spoilers. On the other hand, I can’t talk much about what happens in this book without referencing the first book, The Undead Mr. Tenpenny.

So, I’ll keep spoilers to a minimum, and just say….

Keep reading the review by heading HERE


About the Book

There’s nothing like an evil wizard to ruin a perfect good trip to London.

Ever have one of those weeks? You’ve taken an overdose of magic, you’ve just melted a twelve-year old girl, and Magic HQ has sent a letter “requesting” you come by to discuss your magic control issues.

No? Just me then?

I don’t want to go. I’ve got a boss in a wheelchair (my fault), a zombie cat who demands his treats on schedule, and no interest in sorting out the quirks of another magical community.

But when someone slips me information tying my parents’ disappearance to HQ, I can’t pack my bags quickly enough.

I’m soon destroying historical displays, befriending befuddled ghosts, and focusing more on uncovering the truth about my past than on figuring out how to rein in my magic. Which, since HQ has a test for me that if I fail… Well, best not to think about that.

This second book of The Cassie Black Trilogy squeezes you through a magic portal, lodges you in a hidden corner of the Tower of London, and plunges you into a tale of mysterious mishaps, peculiar ravens, and TV-binging trolls.

If you like contemporary fantasy with unforgettable characters, snarky humor, and a touch of paranormal mystery — or if you’ve ever wondered what those garden gnomes are really up to — you’ll find it hard to pry yourself away from The Uncanny Raven Winston.

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  1. Follow this Books2Read link,
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Apologies for all those numbers, but it really is the most reliable way to find the exact book you’re after.

Still Not Enough?

If you’re feeling brave enough to watch my ugly mug, you can find a couple videos of me blathering on about the book HERE.



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  1. Berthold did write an excellent review…and I know exactly what you mean about writing the blurbs for trilogies. It’s like trying to walk a tightrope in gumboots!

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