Hello Bloglandia!

Well, March was a crazy month of reading, reading, reading, and making videos.

Yep, they’ve let me loose with the video camera again…the results of which you’ll find below. 

Writing Update Part One

I thought video would be a fun way to share what I worked on in March, the super secret project I got invited to test (SO excited about this), and what’s happening in April…plus what’s NOT happening in April.

So, if you have a few minutes, here it is. Plus, my ugly mug is excellent for scaring away cockroaches.

Just click the image below to be whisked away to the show….

Writing Update Part Two: Q & A

During March I begged and pleaded for people to send me questions. And finally, FINALLY I managed to get a few people to respond. 

So, in this second video I had a great time answering questions about my podcast microphone, my typical day, and what Cassie Black would do if she got stuck in my fantasy world of Osteria (question of the month!).

All the questions were great and this was a load of fun to do, so please send more questions!!!

Again, clickity-clack the image below to watch the video….

2021 Continues to Amaze (aka “Number Time”)

March’s sales weren’t terribly amazing, and were actually lower than my sales in March 2020 (I may have had a book launch in that month though, so that might explain things).

However, for the first quarter of the year, my sales were crazy good! I’ve now sold more than 50% of what I sold in all of 2020. For the mathematically challenged, that means if I sold 100 books in 2020, I would have already sold 50+ books in the first three months of 2021.

Again, my Apple sales continue to dominate. My actual sales (not my permafree series starters) were more than triple the sales I made over at Amazon. You know, the retailer where indie authors are supposed to be making most of their sales. Hmmm….

Google sales still seem stuck, but Kobo sales have finally started picking up after January and February’s lackluster showing.

All that is to say, sales are going well, especially considering I haven’t started any form of advertising for the Cassie Black Trilogy (that’s getting set up this month), and I’ve only done a couple very small promo spots for my other series.

Time for Me to Beg…

Although I’ve gotten a surprising number of sales, my main goal with my quiet release of The Undead Mr Tenpenny (as in I didn’t advertise it), was to get reviews because these will be VITAL when the time comes for me to start advertising.

I’ve already come across two promo spots that I would love to get, but I can’t because  they both require 20 reviews on Amazon. Mr T currently only has six.

You may think your opinion doesn’t matter, but believe me, it does…at least as far as books are concerned. I can’t guarantee it mattering in any other aspect of your life. Sorry.

See, reviews are vital to help indie authors (like me) get the word out about our work. 

Your lovely reviews not only let other readers know this book is worth spending their hard-earned money and valuable reading time on, but are a vital component for me to join in on some pretty influential promotional opportunities. 

Basically, you’re a superhero who can help launch this book into stardom!

I know! You’re feeling pretty powerful, aren’t you? 

Well, don’t waste that power trip. Head over to your favorite book retailer, Goodreads, and/or Bookbub to share a sentence or two (or more, if you’re ambitious). Even a star rating would be appreciated. 

And if you could tell just one other person about Cassie Black’s story, your superhero powers will absolutely skyrocket. Thanks!!

What about you? How was your March? Productive? Lackluster? Be sure to drop a comment below and don’t forget to ask a question for next month’s Q & A!!


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